Vote in MTC #8

8 03 2008

Good morning all you lovely people, although after yesterday’s blog post there’s a good chance there aren’t that many of you left, and those that are and unlikely to be “lovely”, but as sick and twisted as I am. Don’t worry, I like sick and twisted people. Better the devil and you know and all that. No, not the Kylie Minogue song, what’s wrong with you people? You lot are Philistines!

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned Blog Ninjas or the MTC in quite a while and there is a reason for that. Although I entered the last one I was disqualified for forgetting the code block. Not that I’m complaining about that, it was the right decision and in fact I came forward and admitted my mistake. I’m a Brit, we’re honest fellows.

However my new rule is to only enter every other challenge. This is because I know my entries are so amazing that they leave people with no sensible or logical choice but to vote for me. Not wanting to deprive other people of the joy of victory I decided not to enter too many bouts, and thus give others a chance to bathe in the glory of winning.

The latest challenge, thus, was one I opted to miss, but I still urge you to head on over to the MTC blog and vote for your favourite entry. Following on from the success of the last challenge this one is another creative writing project and all of the entries are very well written and fun to read. Tomorrow is the last day for voting, so head on over.

Having gotten that nice stuff out of the way I have some serious rants to unleash this morning. Firstly, what is it with WordPress always scheduling maintenance at the time of day I post? Seriously. Although I’ve commented on it before it really is getting to be quite a pain to try and write a post in the morning only to have regular maintenance scheduled for the same time. I may have to seriously consider self-hosting the blog.

Secondly, and far more worthy of ranting, is the inability of news organisations to realise that some people watching the news may not want to know what happened in a sporting event because they’re planning to watch highlights later. Now my rant turns from Newsnow to the BBC. I was watching this morning, hoping to catch some inspiration for today’s blog, and when the sports section of Breakfast came on, I switched over.

So far so good, they warned me sports was coming up so I had time to switch over. Yet when recapping the headlines later, one of the major headlines was a sporting one, about the event I’m watching later, spoiling it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that sports have to be covered in the headlines if something major happened but why can’t the people writing these scripts be more vague about it? They’re highly educated people, with university degrees, use language that won’t spoil the result for people!

Then when you cover the story in more depth later you can warn people who don’t want to know to look away or turn down the sound or whatever. One expects better from the BBC, although perhaps I shouldn’t after one of their radio newsreaders announced, upon Arsenal beating AC Milan, that it was the first time an English team had beaten the Spaniards at the San Siro. What kind of idiot thinks Milan is in Spain? Apart from Dubya.

Last, but by no means least, never trust left-wing parties pretending to cater to the middle classes. As I’ve said before, it’s always a scam. Anyone thinking the “new” Democrats, like Obama with his populist pandering to the moderates, are any different from the old ones, should take a look at “new” Labour. Fresh on the heels of Northern Rock’s nationalisation in an act more like the Labour governments of the 70s than the “new” ones we’ve been sold on comes moves to nationalise local post offices.

They say a leopard never changes its spots. I say the same goes for socialists.



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