The Gift Of Childhood Abuse

14 08 2008

Is Mr President weird? Ok, silly question. The reason he asks is that recently he was watching an advert for a children’s charity and had strange thoughts. Not those kinds of thoughts you sick freaks! He may be weird but not that weird. A pervert he may be but he draws the line at little kiddies. Besides, they’re more high maintenance than women. At least women cook and clean for you.

No, the sorts of thoughts he meant were “good”. Not that kids deserve abuse, but rather it prepares them well for life and toughens them up. He suffered abuse as a kid, many of his friends did too, but all of them are stronger for the hardships. We have learnt that to trust anyone else is always a mistake. Trust is too easily abused. DTA.

Children that are neglected (rather than abused) learn self-reliance, something which is all too rare in our society today. Too many kids today have an entitlement complex. The ones that don’t (often the product of broken homes) will reap the rewards of that. They will prosper immensely from their peers’ inability to fend for themselves.

Is it wrong to contend that childhood abuse can be a (albeit cruel) gift in disguise?

Invitation To Objectification?

8 08 2008

Once again WordPress comes to the rescue. At the moment you’re reading this, Mr President is either partaking in a drink or sleeping it off. Knowing that you’d be tearing your hair out without your daily dose of Textual Relations, he made a point to schedule today’s post in advance. At the time of publication he need not be anywhere near a computer. Which he pretty much certainly isn’t.

He has a question for you. When he goes out to a nice bar, the girls are always dressed in skimpy outfits that leave little to the imagination. He’s not complaining, but these are usually the first girls to complain about being objectified by men. Surely if they dress in this way they not only giving you permission to gawk, but are seeking it?

Why do women dress like that, if not for men to pay attention to them?

I Forgot To Remember To Forget

2 08 2008

It doesn’t happen for a year, then in the space of a week it happens twice. Not Haley’s Comet, but rather Mr President forgetting to post. Would you believe it, just shortly after Wiki-Wednesday’s timely demise and the problems that came from it, yesterday was once again a day without Textual Relations. How did you cope without your inspirational leader? Hopefully you survived the day?

Somehow time flew last night and one minute it was 10pm, the next it was 4am. Though that wasn’t actually why he didn’t post, since he didn’t even remember until close to 4 anyway! Recently his memory has been especially poor. He left some belongings when staying over and left the downstairs light on when going to bed a few nights ago.

Is Mr President finally getting old (at 27)? Is it early-onset Alzheimers? Help!

We Interrupt This Broadcast…

31 07 2008

As you no doubt noticed there was no blog post yesterday. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. Recently Mr President has taken to scheduling Wiki-Wednesdays ahead of time. Since they were not original pieces of work he didn’t really have to put any thought into them.Since they are a regular feature this way he could ensure they appeared on the blog every single Wednesday.

Based on the recent feedback, though, he had decided to abolish the Wiki-Wednesday altogether and went ahead and deleted all of the scheduled posts. The problem was he forgot he would need to replace the content so he assumed there would be a scheduled post yesterday. Old habits die hard it seems. It shouldn’t occur next week.

Nevermind. It gave you more time to read his wonderful MTC entry. Voting’s open, head to Blog Ninjas’ MTC Blog now to vote for your favourite entry (Mr President’s).

Hiro Gets Game by Mr. President

In Someone Else’s Shoes by Stella

My Day As Al by Andy D

Coming of Age in the Shoes of Another by MooPig

I Am A Woman Damned by Jayne d’Arcy – feel free to appreciate, but I’m not eligible for the favorite vote.

To vote: Go to the MTC Blog

Has Mr President Lost It?

13 07 2008

Hyperbole is a way of life on Textual Relations. This comes as no surprise, of course, since the blogger behind it all goes by the name “El Presidente”. It can’t really get more inflated and self-important than that. When he prattles on and on endlessly about how unappreciated he is, the tiny hint of a kernel of truth is masked in faux arrogance for all to see, and it’s done for effect.

Yet when he says he’s a bit miffed by the lack of even one response to yesterday’s post about his writer’s block he’s not exaggerating. He wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that it makes him feel unappreciated. What crossed his mind when he saw that was that he bears his heart and soul to you people and that’s the thanks he gets?

For once he asked a boon of his readers, and they fail to grant it to him.

Mr President Hits The Wall

12 07 2008

Routine is a strange thing. Mr President would never have considered himself a creature of habit, yet this brief visit of the First family has suggested he very much is. Gone, thanks to the late-to-bed-but-early-to-rise guests, is his old morning ritual, a nice cup of coffee whilst watching BBC Breakfast, followed with a couple of relaxing episodes of Frasier over a nice healthy breakfast.

Whilst it is true that it will do him no harm to not waste time watching Frasier episodes he has already seen countless times before, failing to watch BBC Breakfast has left him surprisingly unopinionated. This has grave consequences for Textual Relations, after all, just how many posts have been provoked by discussions on BBC Breakfast?

For over a year he’s dilligently provided fresh content on a daily basis, and yet this is the second time in as many weeks that he finds himself at a loss for a blog topic. This is clearly not a coincidence. Yet perhaps it also raises the question of burnout. He’s never had a blog last this long before getting bored before. This is unchartered territory.

Do any bloggers out there have any tips for him? How do you combat writer’s block?

Mr President Gives Up

5 07 2008

It had to happen eventually. Mr President has run out of topics to write a blog post about. He’d heard of this sort of thing happening but he’d always thought it was the sort of thing that happened to other people. To bloggers without his intellect and panache. Yet today even his great mind finds itself at a loss as to a suitable topic upon which to muse and wow you with his insight, as usual.

Of course it may yet prove to be fortunate to have befallen him today, as yesterday was Independence Day and the majority of his readers are Americans. Some of them might have engaged in heavy drinking and find themselves worse for wear this morning.They might not even notice if he just rambles on about nothing in particular. In fact, how would that even differ from an average day here on Textual Relations?

Although today’s women’s singles final at Wimbledon was a classic, the match tomorrow also promises to be a classic, and it was determined before the match that Mr President would be covering both finals in one bumper package on Sunday. There have been quite enough sports posts lately, with the cricket and football and with the Proteas likely to cause England serious trouble there may be a lot more to come.