The Christmas Ninja

9 12 2007

ninja_christmas.jpgWhat’s that behind you? Are those sleigh bells you hear? Did you see something? I think it was wearing red…could it be the Christmas Ninja? Happy Holidays from the BlogNinjas. They are the crazy internet group behind the MTC. The members rock the blogosphere in varying degrees, and can sneak up behind you in a moments notice. You can join the clandestine group after undergoing a severe and heavily scrutinized Blog Ninja review that verifies your actual existence and BN worthiness (basically, we read your blog). Post an entry, vote, maybe win, and you may be selecting the next topic. It’s like a blog party. Click here to join.

This week’s topic, chosen by the worthy winner (well I voted for him) Scott-o-rama is “What are your favourite holiday traditions and why?”. At first I thought this would be a particularly challenging topic. Not only was I still not feeling it’s Christmas (I’m still not but thanks to Dan at [redacted] and his suggestion I might be soon) but it’s hard to think of any traditions we do in our family. Not sure alcoholism is a tradition.

For some reason we always watch the Queen’s Speech, even though I’m a republican and don’t believe we should have a monarchy. I have no Earthly idea why we do this but we do it every year. The traditional bond film on TV is another thing we do every year for a reason lost to the annals (calm down, I said anNals) of time. However I knew neither of those would make a good blog post or be particularly interesting.

Those who’ve read the blog before will undoubtedly know that my immediate family has become estranged from the extended family. This means that where most people’s Christmas traditions involve getting the family around, all in a large group, we don’t have that. Do I feel strange for not being like everybody else? Yes, but I feel that way 365.2 days a year (I’m not like everybody else, I’m better), Christmas is no different.

That’s not to say I’d trade my family for anyone else. My sister’s also my best friend, and my mum is my hero. She had a stroke last year and yet this year you’d never know it. Not only can she walk and talk without the slightest hint of her stroke she’s even driving, on motorways no less. Anyone who knows anything about stroke victims and the recovery process will recognise that as the amazing achievement it is.

No, I say this because it leads me to a tradition we have. Not only do we make a huge effort to spend time together but we also tend to buy extra presents to compensate for the lack of extended family. What makes this even more special is the incredible amount of thought we put into each other’s gifts. Speaking of gifts another tradition we have is not opening them before breakfast. The entire morning is ritualised

Every year it’s the same. My sister and I, two big kids at heart, come bounding down the stairs eager to open our gifts only to be told we can’t until we’ve had breakfast. We pout and my mum gives in and lets us open just one. This dates all the way back to when we were kids and our parents didn’t want us to ruin the day by opening our presents too early. After all, aren’t presents the best part of the day?

My favourite tradition, however, has to be the tree. With all the ups and downs we have over this season (there’s always a huge argument when my Dad gets paralytically drunk) one thing that’s constant is us getting together to put the tree up. It’s not gone up yet and I suspect that this may partially explain why I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit yet.

Although it’s equally traditional for me to think how sad and dorky this is I quickly overcome that and realise just how fortunate I am to call these people family. Yes, I know the season always comes with the traditional arguments (although those are usually on my sister’s birthday, which happens to be New Year’s Eve) and if I could have all the good stuff without the bad I’d gladly take it but it doesn’t work that way.

On reflection the good is more than worth the bad. Happy Holidays folks.



8 responses

10 12 2007
Jayne d'Arcy

Happy holidays. Love the Christmas ninja. Will the stockings survive a few, brand new shiny throwing stars?

10 12 2007

what a nice summary; I think it’s cool that your family puts all this thought into your gifts; that doesn’t happen with my family at all, but it’s okay, I’m a superficial kind of biatch 😉

10 12 2007
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10 12 2007

Family fights are always a part of Christmas, everyone is different and it’s a time to learn from each other. I didn’t realize it wasn’t the end of the world until recently, and now we can all laugh about it.

13 12 2007
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14 12 2007

I pretend to be annoyed by it, but I love when my grown children act like they are still five and three. It especially happens at Christmas.

14 12 2007
Mr President

That’s what Christmas is all about to me. My sister’s home now and we’re acting like kids. Like you my mum loves it. She calls us her “bubbies”.

12 04 2008
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