Monday-Meme – Reader Wins First MTC

18 08 2008

One of the things that drew Mr President to blogging was the idea that he could actually influence others. Being read is one thing, but we’ve all read things only to come away no different to when we sat down to read it. Persuading others is his entire raison d’etre, it is why he became a lawyer. Textual Relations merely serves as a vehicle whereby his pearls of wisdom can reach a wider audience.

Regular readers will have seen that he often plugs the Mystery Topic Challenge, hoping, seemingly in vain, to persuade all of you that don’t already to take part in it. Such pleas looked like they were falling on deaf ears until Stella took part last week. Lo and behold, she not only took part but won, which just goes to show that you never know.

So why not follow her example and take part? You’ve got to be in it to win it.



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19 08 2008
Monday-Meme - Reader Wins First MTC | Textual Relations

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