The Gift Of Childhood Abuse

14 08 2008

Is Mr President weird? Ok, silly question. The reason he asks is that recently he was watching an advert for a children’s charity and had strange thoughts. Not those kinds of thoughts you sick freaks! He may be weird but not that weird. A pervert he may be but he draws the line at little kiddies. Besides, they’re more high maintenance than women. At least women cook and clean for you.

No, the sorts of thoughts he meant were “good”. Not that kids deserve abuse, but rather it prepares them well for life and toughens them up. He suffered abuse as a kid, many of his friends did too, but all of them are stronger for the hardships. We have learnt that to trust anyone else is always a mistake. Trust is too easily abused. DTA.

Children that are neglected (rather than abused) learn self-reliance, something which is all too rare in our society today. Too many kids today have an entitlement complex. The ones that don’t (often the product of broken homes) will reap the rewards of that. They will prosper immensely from their peers’ inability to fend for themselves.

Is it wrong to contend that childhood abuse can be a (albeit cruel) gift in disguise?



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25 12 2010
25 12 2010
Where do they get these avatars?

The research on the EAS is available on ERIC online free of charge. I have a copy of the validated instrument used in the research.

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