Invitation To Objectification?

8 08 2008

Once again WordPress comes to the rescue. At the moment you’re reading this, Mr President is either partaking in a drink or sleeping it off. Knowing that you’d be tearing your hair out without your daily dose of Textual Relations, he made a point to schedule today’s post in advance. At the time of publication he need not be anywhere near a computer. Which he pretty much certainly isn’t.

He has a question for you. When he goes out to a nice bar, the girls are always dressed in skimpy outfits that leave little to the imagination. He’s not complaining, but these are usually the first girls to complain about being objectified by men. Surely if they dress in this way they not only giving you permission to gawk, but are seeking it?

Why do women dress like that, if not for men to pay attention to them?

Introduction To Wordless Wednesdays

7 08 2008

The more eagle-eyed of you will have noticed that yesterday’s post was a little different from the usual offerings here on Textual Relations. After some recent feedback, Mr President discontinued Wiki-Wednesday. When he thought of his options for its replacement, he decided he still wanted Wednesday posts to fit with the ebb and flow of the week. Wednesday is hump day, after all.

When he started Wiki-Wednesday, he liked the idea of a “lighter” post. His content could be rather dry and serious at times and Wednesdays are dour days enough as it is. What good could come of yet more depressing stuff to encounter every Wednesday? Naturally whatever replaced the Wiki-Wednesdays would have to conform to this.

Wiki-Wednesday had actually failed to do so. In the end “random” topics only meant that the content was often dry and dull, and only rarely interesting. So what did this blog lack that could fulfill this criteria? What could be added that be “uplifting”?

The answer was simple. Textual Relations needed visual stimulation.

Every Wednesday there will be a new photograph to raise your spirits.

Wordless Wednesday – One Way

6 08 2008

One Way by Lulabelle.

Click for a larger version. Image courtesy of DeviantArt.

Leechblock Is A Lifesaver

5 08 2008

Facebook is a great thing. It is also incredibly distracting. Nor is it the only site that seems to leech time away like there is no tomorrow. YouTube. Discussion forums. Wikipedia. There is a distraction around every corner of the web ready to suck you in and make you lose track of time. This is not a minor issue either, time is the most valuable commodity any of us possess yet we waste it.

Does this sound familiar? You get a block of time to catch up on things that you need to do, whether it’s household tasks or something for work. Say a weekend which you have already earmarked to do tasks which you didn’t have time for during the week. It starts well, you wake up late (it is the weekend after all), make some coffee or tea.

You sit down in front of your computer. Check your mail. Decide to “pop into” Facebook to check your messages Before you know it, four hours have passed, and all the stuff you’d planned to do can’t be done because it is getting late. There is hardly much time left in the day and you kick yourself for falling into the trap of teh internetz.

We’ve all done it. Well salvation is here. Leechblock is willpower in a bottle*.

*Note, it’s not actually in a bottle because fluids and computers don’t mix.

Monday-Meme – The Which Lolcat Are You? Test

4 08 2008

Mistah President lovez Lolcats. Hoo doesn’t? They’re jus so cute an funny, teh only ting funnir is teh “Pop songs r best representd by grafs” group on Facebook. So when he saw dis quiz he jus had 2 taek it. If u luv Lolcats as mutch as him, it’s only rite dat u taek it 2 show them ur luv. Finkz ov teh poor kittehs! Taek it nao. Comment an let us knoe which Lolcat u r. K bai.

Your result for The Which Lolcat Are You? Test…

Serious Cat

44% Affectionate, 41% Excitable, 56% Hungry

Hungry for knowledge in any internet forum, you demand decorum. Any off-topic remarks, absurd statements, or tomfoolery on the interweb is deeply frowned upon by you. Truth has no room for drollery.

To see all possible results, checka dis.

Take The Which Lolcat Are You? Test at HelloQuizzy

The Lost Art Of Self-Reliance?

3 08 2008

Today is a momentous day. Not only did he actually remember to post, but the Presidential One is finally back to doing what he does best. Telling you people what is wrong with society and why we’re all going to hell in a handbasket. The hope is that by alerting you to these things, perhaps common sense will prevail and Mr President will ascend to his rightful place as ruler of the world.

Why, in our “now now now” world, do people seem intent on the “quick fix”? Where did this current trend away from self-reliance come from? These questions arose from the discussion boards of an online game, yet their relevance is far broader than that. These are questions that go to the very heart of our society, the values for which it stands.

This game has a Wiki that acts as a manual. There’s also an FAQ. Yet, despite the fact that the links to both these resources are next to the link for the boards, questions that can be easily answered by consulting them are asked with startling regularity by almost every new player (and worse yet, sometimes even asked by experienced players).

When someone recently got annoyed by this trend, they retorted “RTFM”. The response from the new player was that they were always taught that if they didn’t know something they should ask. Mr President’s retort was that he was always taught that if he didn’t know something he should avail himself of any resources that might enlighten him.

Only when these failed should one ask for help. Is this wrong? Ignorance is not absolved by asking ignorant questions, but informed ones, wouldn’t you agree? Mr President has always used the phrases “Google it” and “Google is your friend” to suggest that if one doesn’t know something, one ought to research it themselves and be self-reliant.

Asking for help off the bat smacks of laziness and a “quick fix” attitude. There are other examples of the trend. Since HTML can be used to do some rather cool things with your gaming profile, people have asked for help. When told to use “view source” (and they do) and told what tags to search for, they complain it’s too hard. Only for someone else to come along and tell them precisely how it’s done, making you seem unhelpful.

How is that helping them? Telling them what to do doesn’t teach them anything.

(This would be a great time for one of those “Give A Man A Fish” quotes)

Have we as a society lost the art of self-reliance? Do we no longer see it as a virtue?

I Forgot To Remember To Forget

2 08 2008

It doesn’t happen for a year, then in the space of a week it happens twice. Not Haley’s Comet, but rather Mr President forgetting to post. Would you believe it, just shortly after Wiki-Wednesday’s timely demise and the problems that came from it, yesterday was once again a day without Textual Relations. How did you cope without your inspirational leader? Hopefully you survived the day?

Somehow time flew last night and one minute it was 10pm, the next it was 4am. Though that wasn’t actually why he didn’t post, since he didn’t even remember until close to 4 anyway! Recently his memory has been especially poor. He left some belongings when staying over and left the downstairs light on when going to bed a few nights ago.

Is Mr President finally getting old (at 27)? Is it early-onset Alzheimers? Help!