Olympic Mania

12 08 2008

Is Mr President the only person on this entire planet who does not care one iota about the Olympics? Everywhere he turns it’s Olympics this, Olympics that. Is it just him or is there even more hype than usual? The Greek Olympics four years ago not only marked a return to their birthplace, but also received unexpected publicity in the form of the Greeks being shock winners of Euro 2004.

So what’s the big deal this time? That they’re being held in a Communist country for the first time since the Cold War ended? Please, China gave up any sort of claim to being a truly Communist country once they got into bed with American Capitalism.

Tibet? Mr President could not give a rat’s arse about Tibet. Screw Tibet. Honestly, let it go already. Tienanmen Square was 18 years ago. Actually if you believe the Chinese the whole thing was all just a figment of our imagination. Besides, that was entertainment of the highest calibre. Mr President misses the days when Communism was evil.

James Bond’s never been the same since Glasnost. Bring back the Commies!



3 responses

13 08 2008
jayne d'Arcy

I haven’t cared one whit about the Olympics from the first time I realised what they were. pfffffffft

13 08 2008
Olympic Mania | Textual Relations

[…] Original post by Mr President […]

13 08 2008
Mr President

I’ve never cared about any Olympic games myself either. Don’t get the whole fascination with them. This one just seems that much worse for hype and being ubiquitous than usual. Or is that just me?

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