Monday-Meme – The what kind of drunk are you Test

11 08 2008

Some of you may have noticed that Mr President has been MIA for the past two days. He has an explanation. On Saturday he went out but, expecting that he’d be back early, he didn’t schedule a post. In the end, he did not get home until well after 3, and he was both drunk and a little high at the time. Not only was it not a wise idea to write the blog in that condition but he didn’t remember.

As for Sunday, he was nursing his sensitive stomach. He never has the normal hangover with a headache or the highly sensitive eyes or ears. It’s always the dehydration that hits him, and leaves him with a dodgy tummy. And only when he mixes his drinks.

In the spirit (pun intended) of his drinking shenanigans comes today’s quiz.

Your result for The what kind of drunk are you Test…


You scored 13 drunk points!

You’re loaded and loving it! By this time you’re either the life of the party or that one person everyone is trying to get away from. Watch out, a couple more shots and you’re done for.

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7 responses

12 08 2008
Monday-Meme - The what kind of drunk are you Test | Textual Relations

[…] Original post by Mr President […]

16 08 2008

I was loaded too, but at 14 points, not fifteen. Of course this doesn’t surprise me at all. I know I can hold my own at the pub.

18 08 2008
Mr President

Bet I can out-drink you.

19 08 2008

That would be one hell of a competition for sure.

19 08 2008
Mr President

It’d be fun I’m sure of that ;).

21 08 2008

I wonder who would get naked first…

21 08 2008
Mr President

I don’t. I know it’d be you ;).

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