Invitation To Objectification?

8 08 2008

Once again WordPress comes to the rescue. At the moment you’re reading this, Mr President is either partaking in a drink or sleeping it off. Knowing that you’d be tearing your hair out without your daily dose of Textual Relations, he made a point to schedule today’s post in advance. At the time of publication he need not be anywhere near a computer. Which he pretty much certainly isn’t.

He has a question for you. When he goes out to a nice bar, the girls are always dressed in skimpy outfits that leave little to the imagination. He’s not complaining, but these are usually the first girls to complain about being objectified by men. Surely if they dress in this way they not only giving you permission to gawk, but are seeking it?

Why do women dress like that, if not for men to pay attention to them?



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9 08 2008

At times, women wore those to get attention; but not the ‘attention’ of all the men in the place, rather to get the attention of ‘someone’ or shall i say ‘somebody’.

Men generally think women do things for them. Oh yes, in some way that is correct but guys should also keep in mind that ‘those’ may not really intended for their bliss.

Well, i don’t wear those. I’d rather not be seen and/or noticed at all.

9 08 2008
Invitation To Objectification? | Textual Relations

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9 08 2008
Mr President

Oh I realise it’s usually for a specific someone but my point is that surely when they dress like that to get the attention of one man they must realise that they’ll get attention (wanted or not) from other men.

I draw the line at men who make sleazy remarks or treat any woman in an inappropriate fashion but I think that looking is entirely justified if a woman dresses to be seen. They want to be seen, who cares who by?

I have heard women say before that they dress that way for other women rather than for men but is that true? If so, why would women compete with each other to see who can be more objectified by men?

9 08 2008
jayne d'Arcy

A long time ago when I wasn’t worried about showing off what I had, I dressed “that way”. I knew exactly why I was dressing that way and it was because I knew, someday, I wouldn’t be able to. I’m 46 and even if I had half the weight I do now, I wouldn’t dress the way I used to. I like the way I dress now. Anyway, I knew the attention I’d be getting was from just about any man in a crowd of people (and not just men, I attracted a few women, too! Go figure!). I had boobs and a figure, and I used ’em. Got me a husband, so there!

As far as being objectified, of course I was. I’m not an idiot and I think any woman who dresses in a revealing manner and then makes a fuss over unwanted attention is a twit. Both men and women dress to attract. If you don’t want to be objectified, don’t shower, wear your old, comfy sweats, and stay home.

9 08 2008

I have heard women say before that they dress that way for other women rather than for men but is that true?
^ This is TRUE. I’ve done that many times myself. I am not sure either why we do that but one thing is certain, it’s a reverse psychology of so many things. (something way too long to discuss. LOL)

If so, why would women compete with each other to see who can be more objectified by men?
^ Well, it’s not OURS to think about. It’s men’ problem. We caught their attention, we let them be, then it’s up to them what else to think. We don’t care really. =P

9 08 2008

Gotta agree with Jayne! Rock it while you’ve got it! Girls that complain just like hearing themselves talk. They’re delusional if they don’t know what affect they might have on someone.

11 08 2008
Mr President

Exactly Jayne. I agree completely, there’s nothing wrong with dressing like that at all. For the record I am not a prude (heh, as if I needed to confirm that) and I agree that you should flaunt it while you still can.

My issue was with the girls who dress in a revealing fashion and then make a big fuss over unwanted male attention. I might not be the guy whose attention they wanted to draw, they might even think I’m an ugly git, but I am going to look because you dress that way to be looked at.

If you don’t want to be objectified, yeah, you’d wear baggy sweats.

I’m with SomeGo, I think girls that complain in that situation are just up themselves and like feeling important. They like feeling as if they can say yes to attention from people they want it from, and no to anyone else. It just doesn’t work that way. The rest of us are entitled to look.

Glad I’m not being called a sexist pig :p.

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