Introduction To Wordless Wednesdays

7 08 2008

The more eagle-eyed of you will have noticed that yesterday’s post was a little different from the usual offerings here on Textual Relations. After some recent feedback, Mr President discontinued Wiki-Wednesday. When he thought of his options for its replacement, he decided he still wanted Wednesday posts to fit with the ebb and flow of the week. Wednesday is hump day, after all.

When he started Wiki-Wednesday, he liked the idea of a “lighter” post. His content could be rather dry and serious at times and Wednesdays are dour days enough as it is. What good could come of yet more depressing stuff to encounter every Wednesday? Naturally whatever replaced the Wiki-Wednesdays would have to conform to this.

Wiki-Wednesday had actually failed to do so. In the end “random” topics only meant that the content was often dry and dull, and only rarely interesting. So what did this blog lack that could fulfill this criteria? What could be added that be “uplifting”?

The answer was simple. Textual Relations needed visual stimulation.

Every Wednesday there will be a new photograph to raise your spirits.



2 responses

8 08 2008

Lovely! Thanks for being so receptive to feedback.

8 08 2008
Mr President

Glad you liked it. Feedback’s important, of course I blog for myself primarily but if I didn’t consider what the readers wanted then what would be the point having a public blog? Besides, I also felt that the Wiki-Wednesdays weren’t doing what I’d wanted them to do originally.

I think the Wordless Wednesdays will be much more of a success đŸ™‚

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