Leechblock Is A Lifesaver

5 08 2008

Facebook is a great thing. It is also incredibly distracting. Nor is it the only site that seems to leech time away like there is no tomorrow. YouTube. Discussion forums. Wikipedia. There is a distraction around every corner of the web ready to suck you in and make you lose track of time. This is not a minor issue either, time is the most valuable commodity any of us possess yet we waste it.

Does this sound familiar? You get a block of time to catch up on things that you need to do, whether it’s household tasks or something for work. Say a weekend which you have already earmarked to do tasks which you didn’t have time for during the week. It starts well, you wake up late (it is the weekend after all), make some coffee or tea.

You sit down in front of your computer. Check your mail. Decide to “pop into” Facebook to check your messages Before you know it, four hours have passed, and all the stuff you’d planned to do can’t be done because it is getting late. There is hardly much time left in the day and you kick yourself for falling into the trap of teh internetz.

We’ve all done it. Well salvation is here. Leechblock is willpower in a bottle*.

*Note, it’s not actually in a bottle because fluids and computers don’t mix.



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7 08 2008
Leechblock Is A Lifesaver | Textual Relations

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7 08 2008

This is amusing! I laughed out loud (really) cos i caught myself one time ‘popping’ first to friendster before i even thought about opening my email. Haha. And i even made myself hook into some forum for hours only to realize i am way too late to do my ‘to-do-list’.

However, i don’t think ‘leechblock’ will interests me. Simply bcos i decides to waste my time to something ‘not’ really worth it. But since i always found joy in it, it’s better to stay that way. LOL

Thanks for the email by the way. =)

7 08 2008
Mr President

Yeah, it’s ok when you want to waste time doing something that’s not really worth it but that’s fun to you. Where it becomes a problem (and where it’s been a problem for me) is when it interferes with things I know I need to do urgently. That’s where Leechblock does helps.

For example I’m off to Facebook in a moment because I’ve had a fairly productive day. But this morning when I would have wasted the entire morning instead of doing the work I needed to do, it was blocked.

I can use it for a half hour every 3 hours, during the hours of 9-5.

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