I Forgot To Remember To Forget

2 08 2008

It doesn’t happen for a year, then in the space of a week it happens twice. Not Haley’s Comet, but rather Mr President forgetting to post. Would you believe it, just shortly after Wiki-Wednesday’s timely demise and the problems that came from it, yesterday was once again a day without Textual Relations. How did you cope without your inspirational leader? Hopefully you survived the day?

Somehow time flew last night and one minute it was 10pm, the next it was 4am. Though that wasn’t actually why he didn’t post, since he didn’t even remember until close to 4 anyway! Recently his memory has been especially poor. He left some belongings when staying over and left the downstairs light on when going to bed a few nights ago.

Is Mr President finally getting old (at 27)? Is it early-onset Alzheimers? Help!



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3 08 2008
I Forgot To Remember To Forget | Textual Relations

[…] Original post by Mr President […]

7 08 2008

NO. Getting old does not start at 27, it’s at 26! LOL…

At 26, i became terribly forgetful. haha. Sign of old age, most probably. Then, I need help too. =P

7 08 2008
Mr President

Oh no! Is there a cure? My memory has always been my best quality!

9 08 2008


If ever i’ll discover a cure, you’re the second person to know. haha.
Maybe, get plenty of sleep and stop stress.

(follow my advice….. the ‘advices’ which i don’t normally do. LOL)

9 08 2008
Mr President

Yeah, I don’t get anywhere near enough sleep and I’m far too stressed.

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