We Interrupt This Broadcast…

31 07 2008

As you no doubt noticed there was no blog post yesterday. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. Recently Mr President has taken to scheduling Wiki-Wednesdays ahead of time. Since they were not original pieces of work he didn’t really have to put any thought into them.Since they are a regular feature this way he could ensure they appeared on the blog every single Wednesday.

Based on the recent feedback, though, he had decided to abolish the Wiki-Wednesday altogether and went ahead and deleted all of the scheduled posts. The problem was he forgot he would need to replace the content so he assumed there would be a scheduled post yesterday. Old habits die hard it seems. It shouldn’t occur next week.

Nevermind. It gave you more time to read his wonderful MTC entry. Voting’s open, head to Blog Ninjas’ MTC Blog now to vote for your favourite entry (Mr President’s).

Hiro Gets Game by Mr. President

In Someone Else’s Shoes by Stella

My Day As Al by Andy D

Coming of Age in the Shoes of Another by MooPig

I Am A Woman Damned by Jayne d’Arcy – feel free to appreciate, but I’m not eligible for the favorite vote.

To vote: Go to the MTC Blog



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31 07 2008
We Interrupt This Broadcast… | Textual Relations

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