Hiro Gets Game

29 07 2008

Welcome to another great Mystery Topic Challenge, brought to you by Blog Ninjas. This week’s topic was chosen by Jayne, the originator of the challenge and worthy winner of MTC#13. She’s been unfortunate to not win before as she’s probably the finest writer of our bunch and always produces such fascinating entries to every challenge.

Needless to say her choice of topic was equally inspired. Here it is:

Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes

Blogs, for the most part, tend to be personal and egocentric. For this challenge, choose someone, real or imagined, in the news, a world leader, or a bum on the street. Write a post as if you were in their shoes for one day. You can write on any subject you’d like, but it MUST be from someone else’s point of view.

Having spent the best part of the last year completely obsessed with Heroes, since Hiro is his favourite character, Mr President chose to write as him. As a man used to writing under his true identity the idea of pretending to be someone else is alien, but he’ll try.

Today I met a very beautiful girl. Thankfully, this time, she is not already betrothed to a great samurai warrior with the power to spontaneously regenerate who waits 400 years to kill my father just because I kissed his girl first. Man that Takezo is such an Emo.

Anyway, I asked her if she would like to go out with me and she made fun of me. These stupid glasses make me look like a bit silly. At least in the future I had the good sense to get rid of them and make myself look badass. I have no trouble getting women in the future, hell sometimes I even do better than Peter because of his really lame scar.

Not to mention the fact that women dig a man with a big sword.

She’s a cheerleader and they never go out with us geeks. A cheerleader, you’d think I’d have learnt my lesson after traipsing across the world, not to mention time, to save one but nooo, not me! What is it with me and chasing after those damn cheerleaders?

Later on, I overheard her talking and she was telling her friends how she’d wanted to go to a concert but couldn’t, because the tickets had all sold out. That was it! I made a face like I was constipated and went back in time to the day the tickets went on sale.

When I got back with the tickets I paused time and decided to pull up her skirt. Which is exactly what anyone else with the power to stop time would have done. Besides, it’s not like she’d know. At least now you know why I’m smiling like that in the photo above.

I re-started time and showed her my tickets. She was suitably impressed and we’ve got a date this Saturday. Who says Hiro doesn’t have game? I am the man!




8 responses

30 07 2008
jayne d'Arcy

Thank you for the kind words, Mr. President. I will have an entry for this MTC, albeit a tad late.

Loved your entry and though I’ve not been watching Heroes, I love Hiro. He’s cute! This was a fantastic post! I really enjoyed the interspersal of all the images. Most creative!

30 07 2008

Good work, Hiro! I took the bait and did an MTC post myself this time. Head on over and have a look!

30 07 2008

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30 07 2008
Mr President

Jayne: Isn’t he just? You just want to give him a cuddle, don’t you?

Stella: Yataa! I’ll head over right this second. I’m proud of you 😉

30 07 2008
Hiro Gets Game | Textual Relations

[…] Original post by Mr President […]

1 08 2008
Andy D

Great post! I think Hiro probably does use his power like that off camera.

1 08 2008
Pat Darnell aka MooPig

To Emo I say: “Just cut deeper, Dude.”
To Future Dude I say: “One attaboy, Dude.”
To Lame Scar Dude I say: “Forgive me I know not what I do.”

To Sword Dude I say: “Your reputation precedes you.”
To Beauty and the Geek I say: “You win; you both got my vote.”
To Constipated Dude I say: “This too shall pass.”

To Ticket Time Master Dude I say: “Gotta inspect the goods, or else buyers’ remorse could set in.”

Constant in your rise to Supreme Leader? I’d say so. Thanks for the fun and the creepy, Pd-in-full MooPig

1 08 2008
Mr President

Andy: I’m certain he does. It’s only natural…

Pat: Exactly, buyer’s remorse is never good.

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