Politics Is Dead. Long Live “Politics”.

18 07 2008

Mr President’s local council has recently introduced a new policy which makes recycling compulsory with fines  for people who don’t. Isn’t recycling supposed to be good for us? Why, then, do we need to make it compulsory? As far as Mr President knows there’s no law making breathing compulsory, yet we all do it (except dead people but then, they can’t vote either unless you’re JFK).

Could it be, then, that despite some ludicrous horror stories about the end of the world, and how it was all down to mankind’s waste, logic has failed the eco-warriors? The ally they claimed, science, has foresaken them, so, having failed to use logic to persuade us of their case they are now going to force us to accept their point anyway?

It really should not come as too much of a surprise. The left has long since given up any hope of legitimately convincing us of their arguments because they know that they lack any merit. Instead they play the politics of personalities, using rhetoric not reason, and fortunately for them the world’s population is stupid enough to buy into it.

The final nail in the coffin of rational politics will come should Barrack Obama, as seems a likely result, become the next President of the United States. If Americans think they were mocked with Bush as a leader they haven’t seen anything yet, because Obama will keep comedy writers in work for generations. If he wins true politics dies.

Still, so long as we’re all recycling everything will be A-OK, right?



3 responses

20 07 2008
Andy D

I don’t know. If Barack wins, I see the opposition mounting a very strong next four years. I have already taken steps to get more involved in local politics. I am going to take that to the next level if he wins. I may even do it if McCain wins since I am worried about his stance on issues as well.

20 07 2008
Mr President

My point wasn’t so much to do with Obama’s stance, but the way he does things, how it’s all image and no substance. If he wins it’ll prove that the politics of personalities is here to stay but true politics, the exchange of policies based upon ideals and logical reasoning will be gone, because clearly it won’t be the way to win elections anymore.

30 07 2008
Politics Is Dead. Long Live “Politics”. | Textual Relations

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