What’s With All The Spam?

17 07 2008

Spam (no, not that kind of spam, the other one) has been the bane of almost all Internet users since its inception. The inception of the Internet, that is, not spam. Although those are practically the same thing. Every single one of you reading this now (yeah, all three of you) will have encountered spam before, in fact you probably encountered it today.

Of course this shouldn’t surprise us. Every time we invent something it’s simply a matter of time before a shrewd business sees a way to make money out of it. Some might even say (and Mr President would be one of these) that this is the way things should be in a Capitalist society. It is, after all, this behaviour that has made us such a great species.

Thanks to spam filters getting better at catching it, it’s not as instrusive as it used to be, but that really only poses the question why it still exists. If spam is not seen by a human it serves no purpose, so why bother with spambots at all? Not only does it not work as a means of advertising but it is now purely an annoyance. What good does that do?

Given its impotency, the rising amount Mr President receives is baffling. Whether it is via email or blog comments, not a day goes by when he isn’t accosted by a number next to the “spam” counter. He could ignore it but the problem with trusting the spam filters is that over-automisation leads to some important things slipping through the cracks.

What about you, have you noticed an increase in your spam counts? What do you do?



4 responses

18 07 2008
jayne d'Arcy

My Akismet and TanTan Noodles Simple Spam Filter puts my spam down to about 1 every few months. Jack gets about 2 a day. It’s great.

18 07 2008
Mr President

Oh Akismet’s great, it catches almost every single piece of spam, but I’m just amazed there’s a spam queue at all. Like right now it’s caught 7 pieces of spam between me posting this post and this morning. SEVEN!

And I do have to look through it because I’ve lost a couple of comments to the filter when people have used more than one url in their comment. I’m not complaining, it’s certainly easier to look through the filter list than have to manually remove spam like I used to before WP.com but I just don’t get why there are still spambots around if it doesn’t work.

What about email spam Jayne? I very rarely get any, you?

19 07 2008
jayne d'Arcy

Funny that, with the email. I rarely get email and I’ve never had any email spam. It makes me wonder if that’s working (my contact form) but when I do a test, it seems to work.

19 07 2008
Mr President

This is, believe it or not, the 1,000th comment on Textual Relations!

Anyway…I rarely get any email through the blog either, I have only ever gotten one, if my memory serves me right. I was meaning general email spam, you know the type, the pharmaceutical ones or the scams.

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