Mr President Hits The Wall

12 07 2008

Routine is a strange thing. Mr President would never have considered himself a creature of habit, yet this brief visit of the First family has suggested he very much is. Gone, thanks to the late-to-bed-but-early-to-rise guests, is his old morning ritual, a nice cup of coffee whilst watching BBC Breakfast, followed with a couple of relaxing episodes of Frasier over a nice healthy breakfast.

Whilst it is true that it will do him no harm to not waste time watching Frasier episodes he has already seen countless times before, failing to watch BBC Breakfast has left him surprisingly unopinionated. This has grave consequences for Textual Relations, after all, just how many posts have been provoked by discussions on BBC Breakfast?

For over a year he’s dilligently provided fresh content on a daily basis, and yet this is the second time in as many weeks that he finds himself at a loss for a blog topic. This is clearly not a coincidence. Yet perhaps it also raises the question of burnout. He’s never had a blog last this long before getting bored before. This is unchartered territory.

Do any bloggers out there have any tips for him? How do you combat writer’s block?



One response

13 07 2008
Has Mr President Lost It? « Textual Relations

[…] when he says he’s a bit miffed by the lack of even one response to yesterday’s post about his writer’s block he’s not exaggerating. He wouldn’t be exaggerating to […]

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