Google Make Backing Up Easier

10 07 2008

It has been said before but it bears repeating. Tech posts on Textual Relations are quite the rarity, but they’re a lot like buses. When you get one, all too often you get another hot on its heels. This is no different. After the truly “fascinating” Wiki-Wednesday yesterday all about Field-effect transistors, today’s post has a disctinctly technological flavour. Non-geeks should really look away now.

Ever had a hard disk failure? Ok, that one was too easy, so how about this; presumably you had a backup, right? What do you mean “no”? Well, you’re not alone, as a survey conducted in 2006 showed that 62 percent of computer users back up less than once a month, and an amazing 23 percent have never even performed a backup.

To be fair, Mr President once lost some data (although he managed to recover most of it later using recovery software) due to not having a backup. After suffering a harrowing experience like that (you don’t know just how bad data loss is until you’ve suffered it) you might think he’d learn his lesson and do regular backups, right? Wrong.

Why? Well, probably the same reason most people fail to do regular backups. It’s just too much hassle for a minute risk. You need to run some software, then have a stack of blank DVDs or buy external hard drives, and after all of that your data is still at risk, as those backup mediums are no less susceptible to data loss. Why bother?

That’s where the Google Docs List Uploader comes in. Ok, so some people are not all that enamoured with Google, preferring to back Microsoft, a company that hasn’t done much of note since 1998 (does anyone else find Office 2007 far less user friendly?) yet that shouldn’t take away from the fact that Google are great at backing up.

With Google Docs and the List Uploader backing up is quick and easy.



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31 07 2008
Google Make Backing Up Easier | Textual Relations

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