Mr President Gives Up

5 07 2008

It had to happen eventually. Mr President has run out of topics to write a blog post about. He’d heard of this sort of thing happening but he’d always thought it was the sort of thing that happened to other people. To bloggers without his intellect and panache. Yet today even his great mind finds itself at a loss as to a suitable topic upon which to muse and wow you with his insight, as usual.

Of course it may yet prove to be fortunate to have befallen him today, as yesterday was Independence Day and the majority of his readers are Americans. Some of them might have engaged in heavy drinking and find themselves worse for wear this morning.They might not even notice if he just rambles on about nothing in particular. In fact, how would that even differ from an average day here on Textual Relations?

Although today’s women’s singles final at Wimbledon was a classic, the match tomorrow also promises to be a classic, and it was determined before the match that Mr President would be covering both finals in one bumper package on Sunday. There have been quite enough sports posts lately, with the cricket and football and with the Proteas likely to cause England serious trouble there may be a lot more to come.



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6 07 2008

I am staying away from your blog until AFTER I see the mens finals. I am so.damn.tired. of all the Federer adverts here in the States to where I want Nadal to kick his arse.

And I’m also pissed that they keep changing the tennis broadcast schedule on me.

AND I’m mad I didn’t even get to see the Murray-Nadal match. Did I mention that?

I’m stopping before I go on a full-on stupid tennis rant.

6 07 2008
Mr President

Hey, I was pulling for Nadal to kick Federer’s arse anyway. I thought he deserved to win last year, I think he deserves to win this year, and with the improvement in his serve, hopefully he’ll do it this time round.

Ahh, bless, one of the advantages of living in the UK, it being an annual tradition here and broadcast live by the BBC. You can actually set your watch by them. I actually missed the Murray-Nadal match myself, was tied up. Pissed me off no end as I was really looking forward to it.

6 07 2008
Nadal Deservedly Wins Epic Final « Textual Relations

[…] Mr President told the loyal Textual Relations fanbase (all four of you) that he would be writing a bumper review of both Wimbledon finals but little did […]

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