Pregnant “Man” Is Nothing Special

4 07 2008

Every so often a big news story comes along which has Mr President wondering if he is a true hardline right-wing conservative after all. This can cut both ways, sometimes it’s a story dealing with an issue he might expect to be conservative on, and finds he’s actually not. Other times he can’t help but feel so outraged by a particular issue that he’s shocked by the vitriol spewing forth.

This issue is the latter. It concerns news coverage of Thomas Beatie, the pregnant “man” who recently gave birth, in an event that’s been described as “making medical history” by some in the news media. Contrary to their assertions, though, “he” is not the world’s first pregnant man. That would require “him” to be a man in the first place.

It doesn’t matter what the law says. Medically “he’s” not a man. “His” body does not produce sperm and he lacks both a Y chromosome and a penis. Which criteria of being a “man” does “he” satisfy? We might live in different times, and Mr President may have some issues with sex changes, but surely a man has to fulfill one of those criteria?

What, otherwise, is the distinction between men and women? It can’t be purely hormonal as all women have testosterone in their bodies. Where, then, is the “marvel” in someone who has a full female reproductive system giving birth? Well, there is, but all mothers deserve recognition for the miracle of child birth. “Mr Beatie” is nothing special.

Help Mr President come to terms with this. Is this bigotry or common sense?



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4 07 2008

The key phrase is “legally a man”. What does that mean? Well, I’m sure there is a precedent or something that defines it somewhere but, that doesn’t really matter. What it means is, you can say whatever the hell you want to. That’s what we are about, you can say whatever the hell you want, no matter if it’s true, false, silly, controversial. So, if this woman says, “I’m a man”, so be it. It is said.

This woman has had some cosmetic surgery and takes hormones. She is no more transformed than the average menopausal woman on the beach. Same thing, plastic surgery and hormones.

But, she says she’s a man, and we should accept that. It’s no big deal.

So, there is an agenda. It’s not enough to be able to say whatever the hell you want. It’s not enough to be considered “legally” a man. No, we must take the scientifically false notion and make it truth by perception. If you tell a lie long enough it’s a truth. Every headline says “Pregnant Man” not, “Woman who says she is a man is pregnant” or even, “Person who is legally a man is pregnant”. An effort to condition people to believe that when somebody says whatever the hell they want, it is a truth. An effort to get everybody else to validate fantasy. Good work Oprah.

It’s nonsense and nobody gets hurt. Well, the child may be a little confused when she hits the age of reason but, you know, there will be at least one Oprah appearance in it for her and if she plays the hand right, she could parlay that in to her own career in the public eye. And, they may be a moron out there, that does have a penis, that doesn’t have the cognitive ability to get past the headline, who will get his hopes up only to be disappointed upon an office visit to the family practitioner.

No bigotry that I can see, Pres. Common sense, it is.

There is no medical miracle, it’s just more creation of news, more tabloid reportage.

4 07 2008
Mr President

Can I just say I agree with every word you just said?

4 07 2008


4 07 2008
Mr President

I particularly liked the part about the moron who gets disappointed.

That and the kid appearing on Oprah made me laugh so hard.

8 07 2008
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