Monday-Meme – How anti-social are you?

30 06 2008

Perhaps you people are bored of the weekly meme or quiz every Monday, certainly that’d be the impression Mr President would get from the lack of comments on the last Monday Meme. Or perhaps it’s simply that you lot lack the discerning taste in television programmes to appreciate Frasier, which wouldn’t surprise him. You do read the drivel that he posts on this blog.

He’s going to assume it’s the latter and carry on with the theme every Monday but if you don’t like it, speak up and perhaps something different can be arranged. Moving on, those of you who read the blog regularly know that Mr President hates people. It’s not that he merely dislikes them, he actually despises them. Yes, even babies.

Clearly, then, this test was written about him. The results are worryingly accurate.

Your result for How anti-social are you?…


0% Anti-social and 0% Extroverted!

You’re definitely exhibiting strong anti-social behaviors. You probably have 2-3 very good friends and enjoy your alone time. Vintage records and fine scotch are some of the better qualities, heavy leaning towards nerd territory and virgin-dom are the worst.

Take How anti-social are you? at HelloQuizzy



2 responses

2 07 2008
jayne d'Arcy

I got the same result. Fancy that.

3 07 2008
Mr President

Heh, I can’t say as I’m surprised.

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