Mr President Soldiers On

27 06 2008

Apologies for another very late post today, but technically it’s still morning on the West Coast of the US, which is also fortunately enough where a lot of Textual Relations readers reside. God bless PST. That’s PST, not PTSD, although Mr President wonders if he might occasionally have inflicted the latter on his readers. Still, if you lot choose to read this tripe that’s hardly his fault.

The First Mother and Sister have come to visit and being the loving chap he is, Mr President has prioritized being a good host above being a good blogger. Besides, it’s not like you ingrates have even been commenting on his recent outpourings so he wonders why he even bothers sometimes. It’s tough being the Plato of his era.

Someday people will realise what an artist he was (by that point he’ll likely be dead), and kids in school will learn how his great genius went unappreciated in his own lifetime, by people unable to comprehend his vast intellect. Until that time he supposes he should soldier on, he shouldn’t punish you people for being flawed. Not everyone can be perfect like he is. It’s not like you’re being stupid on purpose, is it?



3 responses

27 06 2008
jayne d'Arcy

When you’re posthumously recognized, does that mean you’ll be on a stamp?

27 06 2008

Stupid on purpose, yes I am.

28 06 2008
Mr President

Not just stamps Jayne, but money too. There’ll be statues of me erected in town squares everywhere, perhaps even a few rainforest tribes will build bamboo temples in my honour, mistaking me for a god.

That’s ok SomeGo, people as beautiful as you can get away with it šŸ˜‰

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