Monday-Meme – Which Frasier Character Are You?

23 06 2008

First things first, Mr President would like to extend his apologies for the lack of a post yesterday, but he was having a few issues with his computer in the morning and had plans all afternoon (watching The Incredible Hulk movie) and evening (the Spain v Italy football match) that saw him unable to repair them until very late last night. Still, he doubts any of you even noticed he was gone.

Secondly Monday-Meme is finally back doing what it does best. Although he will indulge in one more plug for the Mystery Topic Challenge the post will not be dedicated to that meme as it’s already received enough coverage. Hopefully those of you who haven’t signed up will consider doing it now that the topic’s been revealed but if not, so be it.

Being a massive fan of Frasier (in fact he’s actually watching an episode at the moment) this test naturally jumped off the screen at Mr President and there was simply no way he could pass up the opportunity to take it. Looking back he can see how someone who watches the show as obsessively as he does could probably “fix” the result but he chose not to do that because he really wanted to see which character he was most like.

Which Frasier Character Are You?
created with
You scored as Roz

Tough and cool on the exterior with a quick tongue and lots of advice, deep down you are probably sensitive and care a great deal about what others think of you. Even if you only admit that to a few close friends or no one. Most people think you are pretty neat.


The result, although a little unexpected, is actually very accurate. Mr President has always considered himself most like Frasier and it’s no surprise to see him rank equally with Roz (took a tie-break question to split it), but actually now he thinks about it, he’s a lot more like Roz. Tough as nails on the outside, doesn’t let many people get close, but those that do get to know someone who’s really genuine and pretty awesome.

What about you? Which Frasier character are you? Don’t know? Take the test!



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30 06 2008
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