Signups Still Open For MTC #13

20 06 2008

Fresh off the back of gloating after predicting a German win over Portugal when almost everyone else was writing them off and tipping Scolari’s men for the trophy, Mr President is going to break one of his own self-imposed rule. He’s in such a fine mood after being right when so many people were wrong that he doesn’t really care.

When he began the Monday Meme back in January, he said that he would no longer be doing memes and quizzes on other days. The idea was that this would introduce greater transparency to the blog and a little more discipline in his writing, and to that end he thinks it’s been a great success. He has no intention of changing this and going back to having memes and quizzes appearing at random throughout the blog.

However considering that he and and Somego are working together to come up with this week’s topic for the Mystery Topic Challenge, he thinks it’s only appropriate he gives it another plug. They haven’t managed to quite agree on a subject just yet but it should hopefully be announced later today. You don’t have to be a Blog Ninjas member to take part, simply pop on over to the MTC blog and sign up anytime up until the 27th.

The topic should be a great one so hopefully you can join us and have a lot of fun.



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