Monday-Meme – MTC#13, Sign Up Now

16 06 2008

Another slightly different Meme-Monday for this week, with the final installment in a hat-trick of MTC-related posts. Although he won the MTC he entered two weeks ago, in the midst of all the celebrating last week he forgot one thing.

The turnout for recent challenges has been incredibly low.

Not merely the number of people voting, but more importantly, the number of people actually taking part. Quite why this is he’s not sure, but it’s disappointing. The quality of the entries remains incredibly high but it’s not quite as much fun when there’s only two other entries for him to read. So today he’s asking all of you to enter the next one.

In the past he’s derived as much pleasure from reading other people’s entries as from entering or winning himself. This time he’s even barred from winning (as he won the last one) and won’t even be taking part. Instead he, along with his joint-winner SomeGo, will be coming up with the topic. They haven’t got one yet (he thinks she might be a little upset with him for some reason) but it’s bound to be an absolute cracker of a topic.

Even if you’ve never taken part in one before, click here and sign up. If you’re a previous winner you’re entitled to a badge (like the two on the side). Put in a request on here or the MTC blog. Just think, though, how great it’d be to have two badges? Last, but by no means least, if you’ve taken part in one before and didn’t win, this could be your chance. Even if you’ve just stumbled on this blog by accident today, sign up.

The more people who enter, the more fun we’ll all have. Go on…give it a try.



2 responses

16 06 2008

you’ve got to stop thinking that! how do you want to plan?

16 06 2008
Mr President

Heh, sorry, I tend to get a bit paranoid occasionally.

I meant to send you an email but completely forgot. I’ll send one now.

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