13 06 2008

Something a little different for Friday the 13th seemed appropriate, so today instead of talking about news or offering up a slice of opinion, Mr President is turning to you, the readers, to provide the content. Just before he heads into his bunker to ride out the day he thought he’d ask you to tell your stories of Friday the 13th mishaps. Anything crazy and outright unlucky happen to you?

Despite the underground bunker, there’s never been much misfortune for Mr President on Friday the 13th. Everyone around him seems spooked whenever the day rolls round but he himself tends to treat it like any other day. Any other day where you round up rations and head deep underground to stay safe “just in case”. He just knows one of these days he’s going to come out of there and be surrounded by zombies.

In case of an “I Am Legend” type scenario he’s got a shotgun down there too…



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