Pandemic of Parental Paranoia

12 06 2008

Is Lenore Skenazy a bad mother? Is she heck; she is actually a very good parent. Mr President has repeatedly written at great length about the rise in parental outrage and the danger that we are creating a cotton wool generaton with our kids.

Far from being the worst mother in America, as she’s been branded, she’s actually a good mother. Unlike many she refuses to give in to the growing pandemic of parental paranoia in our society today. Good on her for it too.

She’s been criticised by some, not for allowing her son to make his way home by himself, but for allowing him to do so without a mobile phone. Yet when you consider that they don’t even work on the Subway, what difference would it really make? It may pose more problems than it solves.

Besides the possibility that it could be lost, possibly causing the kid to panic, or to retrace their steps trying to find it, there’s the risk of it making the child a more likely mugging target. Let’s face it, kids rarely have much money, yet a mobile phone is worth a fair bit. Not to mention that even if it was merely lost or broken that could dampen the sense of achievement in making it home alone. And what for; it can’t even be used.

The outrage over her actions seems insane even taken in isolation, yet when it’s put into the context of how our kids are being raised these days it’s even more so. We’re babying them when it comes to important issues like sexual health, literacy and road and travel safety and yet we seem quite happy to dress them up in adult clothing.

A day doesn’t go by when Mr President doesn’t see some underage girl dressed, quite frankly, like a hooker, and the worrying thing is the trend is for the kids to get younger and younger. He’s seen primary school kids (that’s under 11 years of age for our non-UK readers) wearing tops bearing words like “sexy”. Surely that’s much worse?

Who’s a bad mother, Ms Skenazy or a mother who puts stilettos on their baby?



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