Monday Meme – Mystery Topic Challenge Winner!

9 06 2008

Mystery Topic Challenge Winner Today’s Monday Meme is a little different for the usual, as instead of bringing you a meme or quiz that you can take part in, Mr President is simply going to gloat about winning another Mystery Topic Challenge, his second. There have only been twelve so far and he didn’t even enter them all.

Sure, he has to share the win with SomeGo but he’d share anything with her…

Naturally today’s post was a little delayed while he designed the winners badge having realised that actually none of the recent entrants have gotten one. So if you’re one of the recent winners and haven’t got a badge to put up on your blog’s sidebar proudly, feel free to drop a comment either here or on the MTC blog and we’ll sort one out for you.

Mr President’s photoshop skills aren’t great but they’re decent enough, don’t you think?



2 responses

9 06 2008

I was hoping to find a tie breaker. Has there been a tie before?

9 06 2008
Mr President

Yep, way back on MTC#6. Seems like a pattern with this one being #12.

What next, another tie on MTC #18? Or will the next one be on #24?

Anyway, yes, we’re effectively both winners in the event of a tie, we both get a badge to show for it (you can make a copy of the one above if you’d like) and we are supposed to collaborate to come up with the next topic jointly. I haven’t got any ideas yet as I wasn’t expecting to win, but when either of us do we should get together to discuss it.

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