400. That’s Posts, Not Spartans.

3 06 2008

Textual Relations 400th Post

As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. Today is Textual Relations 400th post and Mr President would like to say it’s flown by.

He’d like to…but he can’t. Writing for you ungrateful cretins on a nigh on daily basis has been excruciatingly painful, and he’d rather have had his fingernails plucked out by the roots and fed back to him. It might not be so bad if you people appreciated him and his greatness but you don’t, not really, not the way you should. You ought to be ashamed!

Where are the statues in his honour? Where are the millions of love letters from adoring women wondering if Mr President is single (he is)? There are no temples dedicated to him, no people offering to throw rose petals down on the ground he walks upon, no people sacrificing their first born kids to appease his wrath when he’s in a foul mood.

There aren’t even a myriad of Mystery Topic Challenge winners badges to show that you lot even regularly vote for his amazing entries into that contest. Anyone would think the other entries were any good! He knows you guys all vote for Somego because she’s hot, although you should know that there’s no point because she’s in love with Mr President.

Quite frankly he’s beginning to think you people don’t appreciate him at all. Of course he gets comments, why, only a short while ago one of his posts broke a record, with no fewer than 25 comments, but that’s to be expected. His posts are awesome, you lot are bound to want to comment on them, but he needs more than that. A heck of a lot more.

He expects concubines and idol-worship but he’d settle for winning the MTC. Go vote.



4 responses

3 06 2008

If that were the case I’d have more W’s under my belt and the topics would make more sense. Thanks for putting me in your entry though, it was sweeeeet to be the jilted lover.

3 06 2008
Mr President

It’s 100 years in the future. I figured you might be sick of me by then…

You know I still loves you. How could I not love someone that hot?

4 06 2008
Andy D

And here I was excited that I had reached 200 posts…

4 06 2008
Mr President

That’s because your blog is more about quality than quantity.

Whereas I just write about any old rubbish that takes my fancy.

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