Monday-Meme – Murderer On The Moon

2 06 2008

And he’s back. After a two day enforced vacation, your favourite blogger in the whole universe is here and ready to ease the cold turkey shakes you’ve had without your daily Textual Relations. Unfortunately the The First Computer became infected with some nasties and while cleaning it he became aware of other malware that had gone undetected. Time for a thorough spring clean.

He’s all done now and raring to get back into the groove. Thank you for the overwhelming number of emails and messages of support, it’s nice to know so many of you noticed that he wasn’t around and began worrying if he was ok. Occasionally he wonders if you lot realise just how fortunate you are to have Textual Relations, with its daily dose of amazing blogging, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Today, in case you hadn’t noticed, is Monday, and that means a Monday Meme, but it also, funnily enough, happens to be the posting day for MTC # 12. What a fortunate alignment, clearly it’s a sign he’s destined to win (so you’d better vote for him or he’ll hunt you down). The topic is actually quite a good one, and definitely one that challenged the creative muscle of Mr President. Thank you Shiloh for providing it:

Recently I found a news clip and article on NASA gearing up for a new moon mission. This time it’s hoping to build a lunar city. Right now it’s mainly for scientific purposes, but years from now, who knows? If anyone’s interested, you can find the news clip and article here: . Here’s the challenge part:

It’s 100 years later, after NASA’s inital lunar city mission. People have started to colonize the moon. You are among the colonists. Write about your reasons for leaving Earth, why you like or hate living on the moon, and any adventures you had the first month you moved there. If that’s a lot, you can just focus on a part of this challenge; that’s all right too.

If, like Mr President and most of the kids he grew up with, you ever wanted to be an astronaut, this is a fantastic topic. He used to be so obsessed with space when he was a kid, and really enjoyed unleashing his creative skills on this. Here’s his entry:

When he’d heard they were looking for volunteers to colonise Bushington he spied a perfect opportunity and signed up immediately. Gazing at the golden bust of the 43rd President here in the city’s central square, he smiled to himself, remembering the controversy over the naming of this place. When peace broke out in the Middle East in a deal brokered by the latest in a long line of democratic Iraqi governments, and when the announcement paid tribute to the “visionary” George W, the debate was over.

By the time the body washed ashore he’d be settled up here and be so far away from it all that he’d be the last possible suspect. Nobody knew that Marvin had been blackmailing him, and he had already destroyed the tape. As far as anyone else could tell they were loving brothers, and he wasn’t about to let slip otherwise. Naturally he’d eventually have to go back for the funeral, but it should be easy enough to fake a few tears for his little brother. He’d managed to do it for mum and dad after all.

He smirked and looked at his new surroundings. The city was quite nice, his kind of place, all glass and metal. The scientists had managed to generate a gravitational field so the place felt no different to any city on Earth, and the only clue it wasn’t was the giant glass dome overhead. Well, that and the fact his apartment actually had a great view of the Earth. There was still a soft spot for the old girl in his heart though.

She’d been very lucky to make it at all. Turns out that the hippies had been wrong about global warming after all, and their race were very nearly entirely unprepared when the ice age came. They probably would have been had it not been for Andy’s insistence on getting the truth to the masses. It was amazing to think that the guy had built an entire media empire off the back of a little blog. He remembered when he first saw a copy of Political Friends on a newstand. God bless that lottery ticket.

Not that he didn’t deserve the wealth, at least he’d put his lottery winnings to good use and let’s face it, without him their entire race would have been damned. That was probably the best thing about Bushington. Where the earth had never really recovered from the Great Freeze, and still bore the scars of the disaster, this place was still beautiful, and the environmentalists had been too embarrassed to meddle.

Initially he thought it’d be hard leaving SomeGo behind. The day they’d met she’d fallen madly in love with him, and left her husband on the spot, and here she was being abandoned by her new husband. Still, she was stunningly beautiful and would eventually find someone else. Besides, Helena and Liv had eased his pain. Together.

That was pretty much the way of it during that first month here, going out drinking every night, coming back with a different girl (and occasionally girls) and then a night of hot sweaty passion in the boudoir. Rinse, repeat. When that woman’s husband came after him, though, he realised he’d have to keep a lower profile. The last thing he needed was to get into a fight and risk everything he had worked so hard to achieve.

Another body and they’d tie him to Marvin. If they found out about mum and dad…

Please visit the Mystery Topic Challenge Blog to view the other entries. Once you’ve read them all, be sure to vote HERE for your favourite.



8 responses

2 06 2008
Paul Johnston

My ambition was always to be a first and I’d always dreamt about being the first astrologer on the Moon doing horoscopes for the citizens of Moonbase 1 and their first offspring. This was because I’d be the first ever human to redesign birthcharts in the history of humankind to account for the fact that someone was born on the moon rather than influenced by it. So Jimmy… with the Earth rising in Aquarius and a double helix frothing at the synapse of Mars and Vespa 14 you can expect to meet a six armed stranger and have a happy a long life……..that’ll be 10 moon credits please.

2 06 2008

Mr. President, this was great! Thoroughly enjoyable. Between you and Pat so far, it’s so hard to choose! But I’m doubly glad I chose this topic!

2 06 2008
Mr President

I hadn’t really thought of that Paul. It would be weird having astrology charts based on the moon as the point of reference rather than the earth, if we were to ever colonise the place. You lose a few marks for the lack of creativity over the currency name. Moon credits? Really?

Shiloh, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I certainly enjoyed writing it, so I’m also very glad you chose this topic. These days I don’t really get much time to write short stories or works of fiction so this was a lot of fun for me. Not my best work by a long stretch but not terrible, considering it’s a blog post I knocked together in a few minutes.

3 06 2008
400. That’s Posts, Not Spartans. « Textual Relations

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3 06 2008

very good
excellent e
mysteriously understated
spiked out!
Hits the Lottery !!!

Winner: Glacier Melt Moon Mystery Award! by MooPig Wisdom

(voice over) Don Pardue:

That is right!! Comes with two Monogamous Penguins, and your very own SurgeMaster, to complete a three day hunt for Red Trojans, and a Spartan Greek Dance Lesson from Meet the Spartans..

Next Week; Same time; Same channel: MooPig saying good day and good morrow…

5 06 2008
Andy D

Wow. I have to read the others, but how can any other entry compare to the shear genius of this one? Good luck!

5 06 2008
Mr President

You just liked the idea of being a media mogul…

16 06 2008
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