Life Through A Lens

24 05 2008


As a native Londoner whose second favourite city is New York, the amazing Telectroscope really grabbed Mr President’s attention. He’s actually planning to emigrate out there and is even admitted to the New York bar, but for now perhaps he’ll have to settle for looking at Brooklyn Bridge through a giant transatlantic tunnel.

Ok, it’s not really a tunnel under the Atlantic, but actually something much cooler; it’s conception art meeting high class technology to provide an insight into just how small our world has become thanks to the Internet. Mobile numbers have already been exchanged between young singletons on both sides (let me tell them as someone who’s been there and got the T-shirt; New York-London relationships do not work) and some clever Londoners have even been looking for sub-lets in New York for their holidays.

Unfortunately it’s likely to be quite a while before El Presidente is flying that way again and by then the installation will be gone. It will be on display in both London and New York until June 15th, and the British arts company behind the idea (yet, strangely enough, most of the media coverage has been on the New York end) is planning reunions between friends and holds out hope for a transatlantic marriage proposal.

The placement of both ends is rather interesting too, one at Brooklyn Bridge, one at Tower Bridge. Mr President wonders if he’s over-thinking this but perhaps because it’s a “bridge” between two cities that share an interesting political and cultural affinity?



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25 05 2008
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