Textual’s Talk Like Yoda Day

22 05 2008

Talk Like Yoda day, yesterday was. Unfortunately, also Wiki-Wednesday, was it, so treated to Mr President talking like Yoda readers of Textual Relations, were not. Simply do not, this would. Postponed until the 22nd, the original Talk Like Yoda Day was, as Sunday, the 21st was. So, thought he, make today Textual Relations’ own personal Talk Like Yoda Day, would he…yes…

If had his way, he did, be Talk Like Yoda Day, every day would herh herh herh.

To hear your stories of Talk Like Yoda Day today he wants. Freak anybody out, did you, hmm? If you did take part in it not, why give it a try today not, hmm? Approve, our little green friend would. Wonder, one thing Mr President does. Yoda says “May The Force Be With You”. Say it in Yoda-speak should he not, hmm? “With you, may the force be”?




2 responses

22 05 2008

Blogging genius I think this is. Love it I do. Yoda or You: I know not who love more I do. Today shall love I Yoda, for Yoda’s day it is.

*for headache medicine runs off, for makes one’s brain hurt writing like this does*

17 02 2009

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