I Want To Be Iron Man

11 05 2008

Iron Man

Despite the lack of comments in recent days your brave and courageous leader, El Presidente, will continue to forge ahead and produce his daily dose of bloggy goodness for you ingrates. One day you’ll realise just how lucky you are to have him, and begin to appreciate your immense good fortune, but by that point it’ll probably be too late.

Today is a bit of a departure from the norm, but nonetheless part of his commitment to provide you reprobates with his impeccable insight. With Black Sabbath’s Iron Man blaring away in the background, he will today give you a review on the movie, which he saw yesterday. Given how long this project had been talked about before it was even made there probably hasn’t been a movie he’s anticipated this eagerly in quite a while.

When he saw the trailer it blew him away, and only added to this sense of excitement, yet all the while there was this nagging voice in the back of his mind telling him that given the build-up it could be a massive disappointment. Thankfully the last time he’d had this sense of dread it proved to be unwarranted and so it proved once again.

As soon as he’d seen the cast list, he knew the acting would likely be impressive, and it definitely was, in particular Jeff Bridges, who managed to edge out even Robert Downey Junior (of whom Mr President is a big fan) as the standout performance. Not to suggest that the latter was at all poor, far from it. He was practically born to play Tony Stark.

It was just that often with comic book films the major protagonist tends to be brilliant, but it’s rather rare that the peripheral characters are as good. The only major performance of merit from a recent comic book film from someone other than the main character that he can remember was Alfred Molina as Doc Ock. Paltrow was also very good as Pepper Potts and it’s just a shame Terrence Howard blew chunks as Rhodes.

Granted he wasn’t given much material, and overall the film felt a tad rushed, much more reminiscent of Spiderman than Spiderman 2, which Mr President still maintains as the benchmark for a comic book movie. Had Spiderman 3 not been so awful that franchise would be the best superhero one ever, as it stands Iron Man has the potential to steal the crown, especially with Marvel having complete creative control over it.

Whilst the latest installment of the Batman series, The Dark Knight, is certainly one Mr President will be looking forward to, that franchise will always be ruined by the two disastrous ones. Unlike the new Incredible Hulk and Punisher movies (under Marvel’s plot for world domination) which will effectively “disown” the previous movies (being completely independent timelines) the Batman movies never made a clean break.

Iron Man, overall, was an excellent film. Go see it if you like comedy; it’s wittier than any other comic book movie in recent memory. Go see it if you like action; the action sequences are awe-inspiring, which is quite hard to do given how desensitised we’ve become to impressive effects (since we’ve become so used to movies saturated with effects). Go see it if you like comic book movies; although there is a little creative license used, it’s used to great effect and still maintains integrity within the Marvel Universe.

Just make sure that (unlike Mr President) you stay past the credits…it’s worth it.



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11 05 2008

I went. I stayed past the credits. Loved the witty dialogue, which movies seem to lack these days. That is the extent of my review as I am currently fried and am anticipating a night of solid sleep. =)

11 05 2008
Mr President

I didn’t say past the credits as there were annoying people all around me practically shoving me out of the door. I just got up to let people get passed (my knees were blocking their way out) and next thing I know I’m out the door. I hate inconsiderate people at the cinema (there was more) but I’ll be talking about that on the blog next week.

The dialogue was snappy and very funny, I just hope Marvel manage to breathe fresh life into Wolverine because quite frankly the X-men movies sucked beyond all recognition, a shame given they’re my favourite Marvel creation (especially Wolverine).

Apparently both Gambit and Deadpool will make an appearance in it which could be quite interesting. I’ve always quite liked Gambit (a controversial choice and I had an argument over it with Agent M at Marvel) and according to that quiz I posted a while back I’m most like Deadpool. Who, if things go well, may even be getting his own movie.

Like I said, Marvel are planning on world domination baby.

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