Online Vendettas: Not Worth It

4 05 2008

Something a little different for your Sunday. No news, just a little musing. Don’t you hate it when people take things too seriously? In particular, when you play online games and people just take it so personally that they decide to get vindictive and sabotage your gameplay? You know the types, the ones who turn a simple and fun outlet of entertainment into a fight to the death.

These little vendettas can get a little stressful, and being a man with a temper, Mr President tends to find that his own ire gets raised, the blood begins pounding and he can feel it rushing and creating pressure around his ears. There was once a time where he used to become so obsessed with these little skirmishes, get into the whole “This is war” mentality and it used to ruin his days. Now he’s begun to just let these things go.

Ultimately it’s not worth it. If people are so petty as to turn online interaction into something so personal, that really says more about them than it does about you. It’s not just games either, occasionally it happens on forums where people form a personal hatred of you simply for posting your opinion, and even on blogs, particularly political ones, one of the many reasons Andy started the excellent Political Friends. Go visit.

What started him off on this topic was a little skirmish of this sort with a French guy online just yesterday. You’d think the French would be grateful that us Brits actually saved them in two wars (well, with a little help from the Americans and the Russians but still, without the allies they’d be speaking German). They should get rid of the red and blue on the French flag and just have it be all white, it’d be far more representative.

Mr President thinks people that sad need to be taught a lesson. The kind of lesson that only dangling red meat from their genitals whilst locking them in a cage full of rabid Rottweilers can teach them. Perhaps then they’ll learn the meaning of the phrase “live and let live” and get a life of their own. Although the more he thinks of this the more angry he gets, and that’s not helping. The last thing the world needs is him to go postal.

The only problem is that even though you’ve realised it’s not worth it, and you let it go, there’s still someone out there who simply thinks they got the better of you. Sure, when all’s said and done, it’s just some random stranger on the internet’s opinion of you, it doesn’t really matter, but it irks El Presidente. The other person thinks they “won” and that he lost, and he’s so competitive that winning and losing is everything to him.

He’s yet to really find an adequate solution to this problem. Any ideas?



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4 05 2008

This is right up there with passive aggressive bloggers that talk about you but never say it’s you. Bad stuff.

4 05 2008
Stella Devine

There are two ways to be happy. You can either get more, or want less. The latter is usually easier to arrange.

5 05 2008
Mr President

Somego: I’ve done that, but only about people I know never read the blog anyway, usually strangers I “meet” online. There’s a chance they might stumble by but then this is meant to be a place I can vent.

Of course in such cases I’ve usually been aggressive to their face (so to speak) as well, since I’m not shy at saying what I think of someone, as you all know far too well having read the blog over a period of time.

Stella: Very profound. I’ve always lived my life by aspiring to the former but it’s the kind of thing that though you can aspire to it, is unlikely to be realised. Far better, then, to set the bar a little lower. You get more “wins” for less effort, because a “win” is more loosely defined.

5 05 2008
Andy D

My own personal sappy advice: I try not to take other peoples judgment of me to heart. I care what my wife, my daughter, and my family think of me. I care when my friends think I am being a prick (which happens more than I like to admit), but that is about it.

When people call me names or insult me on my own site, it bothers me, but I take a step back and let it roll off. If I don’t give them the power to hurt me, then they don’t have the power.

Sorry about the self help, mushy attitude, and I promise to never let it happen again.

And thanks for the compliment in your blog. I will continue to try and be worthy of it.

5 05 2008
Mr President

Yeah, I definitely try and do that but when it still irks me. I don’t mind if someone out there thinks I’m a prick (most people do) and I don’t care if people hate me, but for some reason when it comes to people thinking they’ve gotten the better of me, I really do care.

I suppose I ought to apply the same logic. They’re not significant people in my life, and their view of events is, as with anything, simply a matter of perspective. If it makes them feel better to think they’ve gotten the better of me, more power to them, I know the truth and that should be all that matters. Just saying that I feel better already.

Don’t worry about the mushy self-help attitude, as you can see, it’s afflicted me too. Hopefully it’s just temporary. Besides, what would be the point venting in such a public forum if I didn’t want people to offer kernels of wisdom? I thank you all for the advice, it’s much appreciated.

It wasn’t a compliment Andy, just the truth. It’s a fine blog you have.

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