Missing Madeline McCann: A Year On

3 05 2008

Today marks the sad one year anniversary since young Madeline McCann went missing. There will be church services of hope held in both England and Portugal.

Many still ask how the couple could have left their child in the room. This misses so many crucial points. Firstly they went out to eat, not to get their freak on in some club.

Whilst the latter would clearly have been neglectful parenting, eating is a necessity of life, a basic requirement. Could they have taken her with them? Sure, it was a mistake.

With hindsight they surely would say they wish they had, but hindsight, as the saying goes, is 20-20. At the time they felt it was safe and as she was asleep, they didn’t want to wake her. Every parent I know says it’s hard to wake a sleeping child, it feels somewhat cruel and perhaps here the McCanns allowed their hearts to rule their minds.

Had they known how unsafe it really was, they certainly would have woken her and taken her with them. Let’s not make them the villains here though, someone still broke into their apartment and took their child from their bed. Think about that. Is this acceptible because, perhaps, arguably, they are culpable a bit too? Of course not.

Despite the rights and wrongs of their actions, what happened to them is an absolutely heinous crime. Perhaps they’re getting disproportionate media coverage compared to other missing kids but so what? Firstly, can you blame them? They’re parents and want their child found, so will draw as much attention to this as possible. Secondly other kidnappings and missing children are getting coverage off the back of this.

For those who claim we don’t know if she was taken or wandered off, the parents know, they just can’t tell us what they know. They saw things in that room when they returned to find her missing, things that prove she was snatched, but things they can’t reveal to the public as they are material facts of the case and covered by Judicial Secrecy.

Thus those who are judging the McCanns don’t have all the facts, and yet are quick to cast stones in their direction. Let’s not forget, though, that whatever your thoughts of the McCann parents, Maddy’s the victim here. She’s a poor four year old taken from her family, a family she hasn’t seen in a year. Mr President says if you can’t set aside your issues with the McCanns (if you have any) and see this, you need a good slapping.

Let’s just all hope she’s still found alive (although it looks increasingly unlikely).



3 responses

4 05 2008
Andy D

Since I have a four year old myself, I have a hard time even reading about her. I can’t help but think how I would feel if the same thing happened to my little girl. It is enough to drive me nuts, and it happened to someone else. My prayers are truly with them.

4 05 2008
Mr President

I don’t even have a child and even I can’t help but feel a pang of sadness whenever I hear or read about her. So many people are quick to blame them and attack them but I think questions like that can wait until we actually find her (if we can) and return her to her family, who love and miss her. I’m sure they appreciate the support, Andy.

6 05 2008
A Disgrace To Maddy « Textual Relations

[…] McCann was on everybody’s mind, with the one year anniversary of her disappearance falling last Saturday, the news that a couple allegedly passed out drunk in a Portuguese hotel while in charge of their […]

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