Madge’s Propaganda and Celebs in Court

26 04 2008

It’s been a while since El Presidente has dished the dirt on those lovable celebrities, and we all know how much he enjoys a good bitch about them, so today we put that right.

We start with everyone’s favourite baby snatcher, whose documentary about the plight of Malawi premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Thursday. Apparently she would “love to” buy more babies.

Clearly “I Am Because We Are” is no more than propaganda to make Madge’s deplorable actions seem more noble. Lest we forget she “adopted” a child that wasn’t even up for adoption, one who had a father. She may have claimed that she had his permission but he’s denied that. Given she’s never sued him to set the record straight (and it’s not like she can’t afford the legal fees), you can draw your own conclusions.

Just when you thought Amy Winehouse had finally gotten her life back on track, she goes and gets herself arrested. Regular readers know that Mr President isn’t her biggest fan but he was pleased to see her getting herself right. This latest episode just makes it even clearer that she’s yet another victim of having too much too young. Sad really.

Amy’s not the only celebrity in trouble with the law as Wesley Snipes was this week sentenced to three years in jail for willfully failing to file tax returns. When you make as much money as Snipes has done, why would you seek to evade paying tax? Of course given that tax is a percentage of income, the more you make the higher the tax, but even so, the remaining amount of money is unlikely to be chump change. It’s stupid.

With so many families feeling the squeeze from current economic problems it’s hard to have sympathy for Snipes. Yet despite reservations over her talent, Mr President does feel a certain amount of sympathy for Amy Winehouse. However the people he has most sympathy for are the poor children of Malawi. Who will Madonna steal next?



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26 04 2008

Madonna blabbering about the development her new movie “We Am Because I Are”; “Somebody asked me to come to their help at the right time – at the right moment – in my life and I responded.”
It’s baffling really how someone who actually thinks stuff like this and then, actually says stuff like this, didn’t end up as a cocktail waitress at a bowling alley. It defies all logic.
Amy…well, I have to take slight issue with, “she’s yet another victim of having too much too young”. A drunk can spot a drunk and an addict can spot an addict, you know? I recognize her a someone who would be where she’s at regardless of fame, money etc..I hope she can come through it.
Snipes, I was kind of rooting for because, I think he’s crazier than a shit house rat. I think he thought he was going to get away with it. You have to have a certain admiration for someone that thinks he is more untouchable than Al Capone.

27 04 2008
Mr President

Madonna: Couldn’t agree more. It’s not even as if she has any talent…it’s baffling that she’s not entirely insignificant.

Amy: Slight issue, certainly, and I agree, as someone who’s battled alcohol problems myself, you can tell she was probably always susceptible to addiction. My point was more to do with the other craziness like this latest issue, and I do think the extent of her chaotic lifestyle is certainly exacerbated by her fame and wealth.

Snipes: I hadn’t considered it like that, it’s very cocky but I suppose you have to admire the cahones to try something like that. Still don’t understand it, why risk three years of potential earnings when you make as much as he does? Capone was a crook and had reasons for hiding his earnings from the government, but Snipes didn’t.

27 04 2008

Madonna’s talent is convincing people she is relevant. And, it appears that she is pretty good at it because, I keep hearing about her.

I see where you are coming from with Amy. I didn’t read much past the headline on this latest incident but, it seems like I saw something that said it was alcohol related.

Snipes; “Still don’t understand it, why risk three years of potential earnings when you make as much as he does? ”
There is a group of people, I won’t call them a “movement” because they’ve been around awhile and it doesn’t seem like any thing’s moved, there is a group that goes to great lengths to prove and say that the income tax is unconstitutional and the I.R.S. illegal. My impression, from some press coverage, was that Snipes was possibly influenced by this element. It may be that his lawyers were trying to portray him as innocent victim. Roger Simon wrote a piece about a meeting with Snipes, in which the actor came off as likable but maybe, not so bright. If that’s the case, I find the above scenario plausible.

Simon’s article, if you are interested:

BTW, sorry about leaving the double comment-coffee jitters.

28 04 2008
Mr President

I hadn’t thought of the Madonna situation in that way. Good point!

Amy’s an addict, probably always destined to be one, but her lifestyle allows her greater indulgences than the rest of us. How many of us, for example, have an entourage of sycophants who tell us everything we do is ok? The “level” of the problem is made worse by her situation.

As for Snipes, that article made me look at him a little differently. He’s always come across to me as immensely pretentious and up himself, but I think he does seem likable enough in that article. To be fair I hadn’t read too much about the Snipes case, and this “group” was news to me. If he was so influenced then I suppose he is a bit of a victim.

Don’t worry about the double-comment, I just removed the dupe.

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