The Nervous Wait

18 04 2008

Don’t you hate waiting for news? Personally Mr President would rather receive bad news than no news either way. At least you can react if the worst happens and know where you stand. Worse yet is where someone promises to give you news by a certain point and doesn’t. Remember the psychometric test he took a few days ago? He was supposed to hear from that company by yesterday.

As of this morning, still no news. Every time it’s been chased up people have been in meetings or otherwise engaged and unable to give a simple yes or no. Quite frankly just getting rejected would be a lot less painful than the wait. People may say that interviews are the worst part of job hunting but Mr President disagrees. The worst part is definitely the waiting part. There’s just this pent up bundle of nerves that simply won’t let up.

This is having an adverse affect not only on him but on people around him. He’s snapping at friends and family, he’s being short with everyone and he’s just on-edge all the time. Effects on Textual Relations are obvious as he hasn’t written a proper blog post since the tail end of last week. You people have come to expect better from him.

Don’t worry though, he does have a lot of material to write about and full service should resume over the weekend. He’s resolved that no matter whether he gets news today or not, no matter if, assuming he does get news, it’s bad news, he will not let it faze him, at least over the weekend. If he doesn’t relax over the weekend he’ll have a coronary.

Perhaps things are simply made worse by the fact he has another first interview lined up for today with a new firm. Just can’t take it for granted that the places he’s had third interviews with will actually make an offer, and rather than waste time, it’s better to use the “interview groove” that he’s in to actually land an offer. He’s a bag of nerves though.

Apologies for the disruptions to the blog. Hopefully things will calm down soon.

(PS A vote for Mr President is a vote for change. Seriously if I stood in that I’d win.)



2 responses

18 04 2008

I dunno. I just got a rejection letter on Thursday and it feels pretty bad. At least while I was waiting, I had hope.

Good luck – I’m sure something good will come up.

19 04 2008
Mr President

Hey, I’m not saying rejection doesn’t suck, just that I think the wait is worse, possibly precisely because you have hope. All that does is create expectation so that when the rejection comes it’s a bigger let down.

For example I got rejected by the people I’ve been waiting on. I was so gutted. Had they gotten back to me sooner instead of dragging it out, it might not have stung so badly. I’d been rejected by six companies before that so I was used to it, but the wait gave me false hope.

Thankfully it angered me so much that when I went into the interview I had I went in with an aggressive attitude which made me much more confident. This actually impressed my interviewer and he wants me in for a second, practical-based, interview. May not be going for it, though, need to negotiate a higher salary on offer first.

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