Mr President Pays Homage

17 04 2008

Given that the two blog posts prior to yesterday’s Wiki-Wednesday began with the words “Mr President” we’re wondering if Textual Relations should change its name to “Mr President sez”. Only we realise how incredibly lame that would sound, almost as lame, we think, as the idea of Gordon Brown as British Prime Minister. Ok, nothing could be that lame, but still, no name change.

However Mr President does urge you to vote in MTC #10. This is nakedly self-serving because his entry, which is obviously awesome, is trailing Andy D’s. Of course the fact that El Presidente himself actually voted for Andy D’s entry is still stinging, and though it would be cheating to have voted for himself, he still thinks he should have done it.

Well, it worked for Nixon, didn’t it? Oh…

The fact that Mr President has an informal chat with the firm he’s most keen on joining today, a chat that will ultimately make or break the deal, is clearly of no influence on his decision not to sift through news and produce a decent upstanding Textual Relations post he can be proud of. No, he’d never let his nerves get the better of him like that.

Rather this is part of an elaborate plot to regain his rightful crown as the glorious master of all things Mysterious, Topical and Challenging. See what he did there? Now tell me that isn’t the hallmark of a great writer! What do you mean no? Why I should wring your neck you ungrateful little…*ahem* very nice person who might vote for me.

If all else fails I suppose I could just get dead people to vote for me…

Well I’m done rambling and should probably kickstart this day the right way. If, when I get back from my meeting, I’m not winning the MTC vote, I’ll be very displeased. In fact I think the boys might have to pay you all a visit. Of course by “the boys” I mean two dwarfs in tutus, but they’re mean-looking dwarfs. With clown makeup.



2 responses

17 04 2008

I get upset when I can’t even get my own mom to vote for me. People don’t like to work for our entertainment, it’s troubling really.

18 04 2008
Mr President

It really is. Now I’m even more upset because you’re ahead of me too!

Damnit I bare my soul to you people and this is the thanks I get?!

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