Testing Times

15 04 2008

Mr President likes psychometric tests. He’s not sure quite how much of a freak this makes him but he’s pretty sure it ranks pretty highly on the freak-o-meter. He doesn’t care.

Ever since he was at school he’s loved tests and exams. As you can imagine, this made Mr President the most popular boy in school, since everybody loves a swot, don’t they?

The reason he brings it up is because today he has a third interview with a company he’s seen already last Wednesday, and again yesterday. He’s been told there will be a psychometric test, but the rest of the interview’s content is unknown. For some perverse reason he’s looking forward to the test, even more so since he’s done practice ones.

From what he can gather these sorts of tests are full of the types of questions that litter IQ tests and he always scores highly on those. He’s good at lateral and logical thinking, his spacial awareness is excellent and he can usually spot patterns pretty well.

Of course there’s always the time pressure and possibility they’ll throw some tough ones at him but he’s oddly calm. This may be partly down to the fact that he had two second interviews yesterday, and the other company have suggested they will be unlikely to bother with a third interview. They haven’t said no, but they will either be making an offer or rejection, which he will find out this morning. He’s dreading this news.

Perhaps, then, it is this sense of dread, rather than his love of tests, that’s affecting his odd calm this morning? No, that wouldn’t explain why he actually enjoyed doing the practice test and might continue to do them “just for fun”. He’s a sick boy that one.



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16 04 2008

Wow, that’s exciting! No wonder you are filled with anticipation. Good luck!

I love tests too. In fact, I prefer courses where most of the mark comes from the final exam. It’s always less work than producing a written assignment every couple of weeks.

Excuse me, I have an assignment to write. Sigh.

16 04 2008
Mr President

Unfortunately the company that said they would not be bothering with a third interview may yet want to see me again. Not so much an interview as a half hour chat, just to hammer out a few concerns one of the interviewers had. It doesn’t sound too scary but you never know.

The other two people I saw at that firm loved me which I take to be a positive, and they asked what I thought of them as a company, which I suppose is also positive as they wouldn’t ask if they weren’t at least considering making an offer. Or would they?

As for the psychometric test it turned out to be a personality-based one, and though I thought the results were both interesting and good they decided to use them to grill me further. Part of me would like to think that they wanted to see how I react to pressure, and I reacted well, but it could just mean they didn’t like me. Personally I think they’re mis-interpreting the test and said so.

Yeah, I definitely prefer exams over coursework assignments.

18 04 2008
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19 04 2008
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