Bite Sized News 5: Someone Kill Elton

11 04 2008

For those of you who have just eaten, Mr President would like to apologise profusely for the scary image. In case you were blinded by the bright colours, that “gentleman” on the left is Sir Elton John, who it seems, is supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. Our own resident expert on all things presidential thinks that this is huge news. Clearly being supported by a distinctly average musician who somehow has managed to make a career for himself, is a great mandate for a Presidential candidate.

Just when you think they can’t sink any lower with their “style over substance” campaigning the Democrats manage to plumb new depths. Barrack Obama is busy trading off of being black, Hillary of course has been playing the gender card.

Neither has shown any reasons why they should lead the world’s most powerful nation, and Hillary’s latest tactic to distract you from her horrible policies (they make Obama’s look intelligent by comparison) shows a desperate woman. Worse yet, Mr President thinks the American public is gullible enough to fall for this sort of thing. Over on Political Friends Andy discusses McCain running with Rice so as to end the “war of novelty value” and bring things back to policy. We recommend both the article and the idea.

Regular readers will know that Mr President has a great deal of sympathy for the McCann’s, parents of the missing Madeleine (we can only hope that she’s still alive but given how long it’s been, it’s unlikely). They’ve been vilified, battered by both the media and the police in Portugal, and yet they’ve kept their heads held high and sought to not only find their daughter but ensure others don’t suffer as they did.

He thinks the idea of a Europe-wide alert is a good one. Iin fact, he’d prefer a global one. Countries must coordinate things like this for the safety of their own children. Mr President thinks countries that fail to realise this need a good kicking. Yet while they’re bravely doing what they can, the McCann’s can’t escape the smears of those who want to attack them. Not only are they suffering the agony of their missing child, they suffer accusations of being neglectful by people twisting their own words.

In lighter news, though, the humble teacake has cost the UK government £3.5m.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too…



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16 04 2008
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