Birthday Blues

8 04 2008

Mr President is not happy. Although he dislikes birthdays he dislikes the day after birthdays even more. You get no gifts, you’re no longer the centre of attention and you have to get back to the real world. The daily grind waits for no man, and though you may postpone things until after the big day, they still have to be done. So when the day’s over there’s a mountain to come back to.

Take, for example, Mr President’s coming week. He has been working with some recruitment people and he’s got an interview lined up for today in the afternoon and one for tomorrow in the afternoon. He needs a haircut but didn’t want to get one yesterday (it was his birthday) and although he could squeeze in an appointment before today’s interview, he doesn’t have time. He has to research the company.

Not only that but the consultant who put him forward for the role will be calling at some unconfirmed point before the interview to prep him for it. So he needs to wait for that call. While he’s doing so he needs to research not only the place he’s going to today, but the one he’s going to tomorrow, as well as other firms they want to send him to (so he can tell them whether to send his details or not). So much to do, so little time.

He recognises that this isn’t a personal blog and yet he’s turned it into one over the last few days but his response to that is an explicit hand gesture. Although he takes great pride in the fact that Textual Relations has regularly brought you news, sports and opinion, in a nice little “general interest” package that you can enjoy as light reading over your morning coffee, he thinks this little indulgence isn’t too much to ask for.

Don’t worry, we should be resuming normal programming from tomorrow.



9 responses

8 04 2008

Happy Unbirthday!

And good luck with the interviews. Pardon my atrocious grammar this evening. I am a bit over it all.

8 04 2008

I kind of like the little bits about you, trust me, I kind of gloss over the sporting ones, they confuse me! 😉

8 04 2008
Mr President

Stella: Thank you. Ended up having another interview arranged last-minute. One went badly (they’ve rejected me already) the other seemed to go Ok and initial feedback has been positive but I’d hate to count my chickens. Should find out more tomorrow.

It’s been a hectic day and even worse tomorrow…I now have not one, not two, not three, but four interviews lined up, 9am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. Busy busy busy. I’ve got to prep for them!!!

SGS: Aw. The sports aren’t that regular for that reason really. I don’t think most of my readers care too much (although Curly did respond to one about the cricket). You like the personal stuff? Wow.

9 04 2008

More cricket. I don’t understand a word of it but, your style of writing, when you talk about it, is fascinating.

10 04 2008

“He recognises that this isn’t a personal blog and yet he’s turned it into one over the last few days but his response to that is an explicit hand gesture.”

That’s the Mr. President I know and love. 😉

10 04 2008
Mr President

Pribek: My style of writing? In what way?

Bio: I thought you’d be proud. Understandably I’ve been a bit wound up.

10 04 2008

Well Pres., I realized, after I made the comment, that you might ask me that.
First, let me say that I wasn’t trying to be funny, I really do read the cricket pieces even though I’ve never seen a match.
It’s probably something that you are doing on a subconscious level. You obviously really have a genuine love of the game and that comes across. When people are writing about things they really like and are knowledgeable about, it’s interesting to read.
I suspect, that when you are writing about cricket, the words flow naturally, almost conversational. It comes across that way to me.
One thing I’ve learned is that the times when things that flow naturally, are often the things that have impact above and beyond the subject matter.
You don’t always know what you are “transmitting”.
Chet Atkins said that the secret to performance was; “Make the hard stuff look easy, make the easy stuff look hard.”

11 04 2008
Mr President

I hadn’t considered that. Cricket is certainly something I’m passionate about, and I’m fairly knowledgeable about it too. Your point about it being conversational is interesting, given that I often use those cricket posts as surrogates for actual conversation (since few of my friends like cricket). The game itself is not as boring as people think.

26 05 2008
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