Monday Meme – What’s Your Birthday Wish?

7 04 2008

Today Mr President is another year older. Birthdays are a strange thing, on the one hand he likes the presents and the attention, on the other he hates the fact he’s closer to death and still hasn’t changed the world. Yes, those are some lofty ambitions he has but great men usually do. And great he is.

Given the occasion, and how much his faithful and loyal readers love and adore him, he thought he would use this week’s Monday Meme to give you ample opportunity to wish him a happy birthday. He knows you live for this moment and even mark it on your calendar every year (even though you didn’t even know about it until just now).

What better way to do that than a quiz all about birthday wishes? The results, whilst accurate, were always going to be given the obvious nature of the questions. Although he hasn’t tried this Mr President is fairly sure that if you wanted to cheat and get a certain result, you could. Each question seems to lead to obvious conclusions.

Still, it was just a shameless plus for his birthday, and will suffice for that.

What’s Your Birthday Wish?
created with
You scored as Younger

Oh dear, not another birthday! Another year older probably means much more to you than another year wiser. Whether you’ve just hit that milestone birthday that you’ve been dreading, or if you just don’t like the way you are gradually accumulating the years; a birthday is not something that you particularly relish

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8 responses

7 04 2008
jayne d'Arcy

What’s Your Birthday Wish?
You scored as a Go Back
We get the feeling that you’re the sort of person who not only thinks that the grass is often greener on the other side, but that the candles always burned brighter on past birthdays. We all have times in our lives that we look back on with particular fondness, but you seem to make more of a habit of it than most.
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Happy birthday, Mr. P. Very cool that your birthday is right after my brother’s. Now I might have a better chance of remembering it… nah… I’m bad with b-days.

7 04 2008
Paul Johnston

I got future! – My only birthday wish is that I have another one 🙂

7 04 2008

Hmm… I got future:

This time next year we’ll be millionaires! Well, maybe, but then we get the distinct impression that a forward thinking person like you isn’t too bothered about living the highlife, as long as you’re living the good life. Whether you’re a planner or a wonderer, we can tell that having a birthday is not a cause for stress, but a reason to have a good time.

At any rate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

7 04 2008

Wish? Two-bits for the chicken, and a sack of grain. and 25%/25%/25%/25% on the poll. Thanks and happy day.

I am already past Expiration Date… take me off the shelf:

Are you brave enough to submit yourself to the ultimate test? Go to Tombclock and fill in the information, and find out the ultimate question on the lips of mortals: when will I die?

Yes, I was there, and yes I braved it; it said my time has expired. PTL, I am already dead. Yes folks Pat Darnell died on Friday 11, 1995 approximately 399,111,810 seconds ago.

Did you get the MTC #10, Mr. President? here it is again:

Truly, have a wonderful day! pd/moopig

7 04 2008
Jean at Penny Lane

Please accept my humble apologies for not being here for a while.
I actually have read your posts in bulk from time to time but was too lazy to respond.

Anyways, Happy Birthday! I think as you get older, life gets better!

7 04 2008

Happy Birthday!
“May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine.”

7 04 2008

Happy happy birthday
on your special day
happy happy birthday
that’s all I came to say
happy happy birthday
may allllllll your dreams come truuuuuuuuuuue
happy happy birthday
from sgs to you!!!!

8 04 2008
Mr President

Jayne: Thank you. Yeah, I thought it was really cool having my birthday the day after Jack too. Seems a lot of people I know have their birthdays around mine, including a recruitment consultant I’m working with right now who’s birthday is the 6th, same as Jack.

Paul: A very sensible wish that. Despite wishing I was younger (very true) I certainly am not inherently negative and look at maturity as a positive, even if I do wish I’d done more with my youthful years.

BunGirl: Thank you. I had a very good time actually, went out for dinner last night and was not only very fun but I drank rather an excessive amount of Red wine and beer. Oh yes, grain and grape. Funnily enough not even the slightest hint of a hangover this morning. I rarely have bad ones anyway but that is still good.

Pat: I did that. Funnily enough I’ve added 4 years onto my expected date of death according to this test I did a while back.

Your Personal Day of Death is…

Sunday, June 14, 2065

Seconds left to live…

Pribek: Thanks. Excellent quote, I’m a big Sinatra fan (odd for a man of my age, from what I gather, but that just means I have good taste).

SGS: Is it ok if I picture you singing that whilst performing a burlesque show for the birthday boy? Or dressed up as Marilyn Monroe? Please?

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