E For Excellent

6 04 2008

This Blog Is Rated E For ExcellentAfter yesterday Mr President has decided that writing in the third person is kind of fun. Do be warned that although he is less grumpy than he was yesterday (partly as it’s his birthday tomorrow) he will still kill you dead if you point out that using the third person is lame.

He is also finally beginning to get the hang of the new WordPress.com setup and is finding some usefulness out of parts (although he still thinks the categories at the bottom seems a little counter-intuitive). Overall he hates it less than he did yesterday.

However what’s really pleased him is the fact that a fellow blogger has taken the time out to recognise his work. Reasonable Robinson has taken the time out to comment on a few posts here on Textual Relations and his points are always very insightful. Mr President likes Reasonable Robinson. In a purely platonic way, I’m sure you understand.

Certainly Mr President agrees that recognition from people who read your blog is worth a lot more than things like page rank. While we’re on the subject, though, Textual Relations thanks you for getting us to the top of the search results for “Textual Relations”. We didn’t like the fact we used to come second to some canuck who does translations just because she has the .com. Maybe now she’ll sell it to us.

The rules of the E For Excellent award state that once one has received it one must then bestow the honourific upon ten more excellent bloggers. Although there are no bloggers quite as excellent as our very own El Presidente (how could there be?), he does believe that there are several stars of the blogosphere who deserve recognition. They are:

Tasty Blog Snack



Political Friends

Year Of The Chick

A Streetcar Named Devine

Curly’s Corner Shop, the blog!


Some Go Softly

A Light In The Dark



9 responses

6 04 2008

Mr. President,
Thanks so much for acknowledging me and thank YOU once again for all the tireless work that you do.
I like the third person perspective. I would do the same but, I don’t want to look like I’m copying. I’m looking into 4th person.
Good news on the search engine optimization, I have immediate distrust for people who translate the Canadian language.

6 04 2008

Curly feels suitably honoured to be bestowed with such an august title as excellent, and wishes Mr. President much good fortune in the fight against the Canuk pretenders!

6 04 2008

I’m almost as excited as I would be if I had received this awards alone, just not quite. But thanks for edging me in.

7 04 2008
Stella Devine

Crikey! (When Stella gets excited, she channels the late Steve Irwin. This is rather disconcerting for her husband).

Thanks for the shout out.

7 04 2008

Darn right you like “Reasonable Robinson” in a purely platonic way, because the idea of “you and I” is still very much on the table!!!!

And oh yeah, thanks so much for the award! 🙂 I know it’s your way of expressing the feelings for me that you dare not speak of, but it’s okay, I can read between the lines 😉

7 04 2008
Mr President

In reverse order, just to be different…

Romi: Darn it, you saw through my ploy. Does this mean I’ll get a birthday striptease from yourself this evening? I think a lapdance might enable me to express my feelings for you more openly…

Stella: Do you channel Steve every time you get excited? If so I can imagine that you shouting out “crikey” whilst in flagrante might be incredibly disconcerting to your husband. Unless he fancies Steve Irwin of course…in which case perhaps you should be worried.

SomeGo: Aw. You weren’t edged in at all, it just might seem that way because you’re at the bottom of the list. The honest 100% truth (and I mean that sincerely) is that you were the first on my list, and I added the others as I thought of them, some above you.

Trust me, the last one I thought of was actually Tasty Blog Snack, and that and [Redacted] were only added because I needed 10. I mean I like their blogs, but I wouldn’t have chosen to award them.

Curly: You’re my newest reader and a fellow suffering fan of England’s cricket team. How could I fail to recognise that? You reckon Freddie’ll make the first test against the Kiwis? I’d prefer he rest it out, maybe play the last test to warm up for the South Africa series.

Pribek: Damn those Canuks (thanks too for the support on that front Curly), how dare they try and steal from my creation. I mean, they call their site Textual Relations and then don’t have the decency to feature a caricature of Bill, without whom the phrase would be meaningless.

The fourth person sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing it.

7 04 2008
jayne d'Arcy

Oh crap! Now I have to find some excellent people. 😉 I really am flattered, though. Thank you!

7 04 2008

Doh! I dig 3rd personness(is that even a word?). Thanks for the shoutout … Now I must find my own minions! *cough* I mean honorary bloggers ….

8 04 2008
Mr President

Jayne: You’re more than welcome. The recognition was deserved.

The Mayor: If it isn’t a real word we can make it one. I’m actually really surprised by how many people are digging the third person perspective, I’m thinking I’ll stick with it, at least with posts (I’ll revert to first in comments, just to mess with people).

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