Wiki-Wednesday – Talacre

26 03 2008


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A view of Talacre lighthouse.

A view of Talacre lighthouse.
The beach at Talacre.

The beach at Talacre.

Talacre is a village in Flintshire on the north Wales coast with large holiday caravan parks adjacent. It is near Point of Ayr on the west side of the River Dee estuary and has a sandy beach with dunes. The hills of the Clwydian Range behind the village form the eastern boundary of the Vale of Clwyd.

Talacre beach is where Point of Ayr lighthouse stands.

The village is often used as part of Paul O’Grady‘s comedy act, telling stories of how he spent many summers “Stuck in a four berth caravan in Talacre”, and is therefore now part of popular culture as a famous “typically British” seaside holiday resort.

The village is probably most popular for the lighthouse on the nearby beach and the Talacre Beach Caravan Park, a short walk away from the Presthaven sands holiday park.

Talacre was used by the military during World War II, as an aircraft firing range. Fighters flew over the remote village every day, shooting at wooden targets in the dunes and at drogues towed by aircraft. It was also used for testing new devices, such as “window” the anti-radar foil that, on occasion, covered the whole village with silver.



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