Monday Meme – The Be a CSI For One Day! Which one are you? Test

24 03 2008

I’m back after the prolonged absence over the Easter weekend ladies and gents and back with a vengeance. Over here at Textual Relations Mondays mean memes (well, more often than not, quizzes, but who cares?) and this one is no different. I know how much you guys all love CSI (if not, why not?!) so I thought this one might be fun. If you don’t like CSI, though, don’t do it.

It’s long, and I’m not sure it’s entirely accurate (given that I distinctly said during the CSI portions that I wouldn’t be the kind to get emotionally involved), but hey, if you like CSI, you should find it a bit of fun. I mean, I think we’ve all worked out who we’d be from the show (trust me, I’d never have thought of Sarah) so it might be fun to see how the test fares against our ideas (probably not well, but maybe it’ll be closer for you?).

Your Score: Sarah Sidle

You scored 55% Some CSI-ness, 40% Some You-ness!

Played by: Jorja Fox, Speciality: A materials and element analyst.
Sara is the daughter of a pair of ex-hippies who ran a B&B in Tamales Bay, California. Sara’s alcoholic father used to beat her and her mother Laura, until one day Laura snapped and stabbed him to death; as a result Sara has difficulties with dealing with abuse cases against women and children in her job and has obvious emotional problems. Following her father’s death and her mother’s subsequent institutionalization, she was placed into foster care.
Sara Sidle is one of the most brilliant CSI’s on the team. At 16, she gained early admission to Harvard, where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Physics; later she received her Masters from UC Berkely. Sara’s relationship with her teammates is layered and contentious; she doesn’t often talk to them about her personal life or her past.

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Link: The Be a CSI For One Day! Which one are you? Test written by draebs2 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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6 responses

24 03 2008

Your Score: Dr. Al Robbins
You scored 46% Some CSI-ness, 25% Some You-ness!

Played by: Robert David Hall, Speciality: Coroner. Born to a single mother in an era when everyone came from a two-parent household, Albert Robbins spent his life as an underdog. Spurned by his peers, he took solace in books from an early age, discovering an aptitude for academia. His mother worked as a nurse, so Robbins spent most nights in the local hospital. Many years of fighting the good fight eventually left him drained, and after shifting into what felt like a natural career change for him (medicine is all about life and death), he and his wife and their three children packed up and moved to Las Vegas.

Trivia: In fourth grade he dropped karate class because a kid half his size made him cry. – He’s afraid of rats. – He’s a cat lover, not a dog lover, and owns Siamese kittens that he tends to during his breaks at home.


25 03 2008
Mr President

Aww, you sound somewhat disappointed with that result!

25 03 2008
jayne d'Arcy

Your Score: Gil Grissom
You scored 42% Some CSI-ness, 25% Some You-ness!

Played by: William Peterson, Specialty: entomology His life hasn’t been perfect, his father died when he was 9, but his life hasn’t been too bad. When he was a child his idea of playing doctor was conducting autopsy on small dead animals he found. He was the youngest coroner of LA county at 22. He has a Ph.D. in Biology. Grissom is hyper-intellectual, and his seemingly emotionally detached qualities make him one of the more interesting plot drivers of the show. Trivia: – he enjoys riding roller coasters – one of his hobbies is cockroach races – He financed his first body farm in college playing poker.

Must be the weirdness factor that came up with this result. But I swear! I didn’t never mess with dead things! EW!

26 03 2008
Mr President

See, I thought I’d get Gil. I’m so jealous of you right now…

26 03 2008
jayne d'Arcy

I just KNOW you messed with dead things!

26 03 2008
Mr President

*coughs* No comment…

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