Easter Bunny

20 03 2008

Well, it’s that time of year again, Easter, when I usually begin realising that in a short while I’ll be another year older (my birthday is always around Easter). To stave off the depression I put the Easter weekend to good use, stuffing my face full of chocolate so I can cope with the prospect of being another year closer to death. That might sound bad for me but what about you?

My concern, you see, is not for me. I age gracefully and look amazing, so I have little to be worried about. When my time comes I know my legacy will live on and the world will finally come to recognise my greatness. Like all artists, I am destined to only receive my due when I have passed from this mortal coil. So you see, I don’t fear death.

No, my concern is for you, my people. However will you survive that day, when it finally comes, who will you turn to for guidance? For over a year now (we celebrated our one year anniversary on the 11th) you have turned to me to shine a light on the murky world in which we live. When you knew not where to turn, there I was, pointing you in the right direction. Occasionally even shoving you in it, but it was for your own good.

Where will you look in your darkest hour? Well, you’d better think of something because I’m taking a brief holiday for the Easter weekend, starting today. So no blogs until Monday, and I’m only doing Monday’s because it’s the Monday Meme day and I know how you lot can’t possibly start your week without it. Enjoy your Easter.



2 responses

20 03 2008
jayne d'Arcy

I would go jump on a busy railroad track, but unfortunately my Wellbutrin is just working a tad too well. Sorry about that, but hey, while you’re gone, I’ll be sure to have an appropriate look of devastation upon my features. I’ll say Happy Birthday because, I don’t celebrate Easter. Unless I get a chocolate bunny.

24 03 2008
Mr President

No need for suicide, the forlorn look of being completely lost without your guru and mentor is perfectly fine. It’s actually not my birthday for two weeks (thanks to the earlier Easter it’s not as close as it usually is). But I thank you anyway in advance :). I love chocolate bunnies.

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