Monday Meme – The Zombie Test

10 03 2008

Thinking about the MTC and Blog Ninjas a lot recently I don’t mind admitting that I’ve been missing my darling SomeGo. So when I saw a test all about Zombies (for those who don’t know her that well, SomeGo loves Zombies, and would probably leave her hubby for one, given the chance) I just had to include it as part of this week’s Monday Meme. Good thing it’s a good quiz.

Some of the multiple choice options are hilarious, so it’s well worth taking.

Your Score: Just-Turned

As a zombie, you are 24% brainless, 50% emotionless, and 51% scary

You have just turned into a zombie.

Your eyes are vacant, your skin is pale but still intact, and your clothes have yet to be drenched in the blood of your screaming victims. You have not fallen in with the zombie hoard; you wander aimlessly and alone. A hint of recognition still passes across your face right before you bite into the flesh of someone you once knew.

Link: The Zombie Test written by bufoo on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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4 responses

10 03 2008

What a great post for me to come back to! Looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things MTC and blog wise!!!

10 03 2008

“5. Have you ever bitten someone?” – LMAO

As a zombie, you are 48% brainless, 59% emotionless, and 33% scary

You are a lurking zombie. You aren’t stupid. You know that, in order to catch your delicious living prey, you can’t go around with a large group of moaning numskulls bellowing at the top of the mushy organs that used to be their lungs. You wait alone, lurking in the shadows, waiting for some hapless victim to wander your way. Unfortunately, lone zombies just aren’t that intimidated and are usually fairly easily taken care of or avoided.

11 03 2008
Andy D

You scored higher than 25% on brainless

You scored higher than 27% on emotionless

You scored higher than 55% on scary

You have just been bitten. You’re not technically a zombie, yet, but it is inevitable. Pretty soon your skin will start to itch, you might cough up a little blood, and before long you’ll be oozing, moaning, and lurking with the best of them.

11 03 2008
Mr President

SomeGo: I knew you’d love it! When I saw it I immediately thought of you, although, of course, I’ve been thinking of you a lot of late. You are very much missed, so I’m glad you might be coming back to the MTC!

Bio: Heh, I told you some of the options were funny. I’d put good money on you and I both thinking the same thing when that came up but it’s not “family-safe” so I won’t repeat it in public 😉

Andy: Cool, I didn’t even know there was a “just bitten” one. Heh, love the little blurb, especially that last line. That’s comedy gold right there.

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