Random Roundup 4

7 02 2008

More strange and wacky news from around the globe. If you read the headline “Man convicted of sending penis photo by phone” you might snigger to yourself and move on, thinking there wasn’t really much to report there. Clearly sending that sort of material to a stranger is no different to flashing. Yet if you read the story you come across a quote from the presiding judge:

“We all had a bit of a laugh when we saw the thing”

Can you imagine anything more embarrassing? Just how small was “the thing” that it actually made a judge laugh in court? I’d feel sorry for the kid, if I could stop myself from laughing, that is. Could head lice hold the key to tracking the history of human migration? That’s the claim being made by a study from the University of Florida.

Has the world gone mad? It’s a question I find myself asking, well, myself, more and more these days. The news is constantly full of one “Political Correctness Gone Mad” story after another, or the latest health or environmental scare tactic that makes me roll my eyes, and this story is no different. Why would you destroy a piece of history, firstly, but even if you were, why would you think to replace it with, of all things, a “Global Peace Center”? Sounds like a place for hippies to sit and smoke more weed.

In another example of Political Correctness Gone Mad, a German town has been criticised for honouring a scientist who developed and worked on the V2 rockets. Let us look back at history and think for a second. Einstein’s theories and work were a key part of the development of the atomic bomb (although he didn’t participate in it directly), does that mean we don’t honour that work? Just because his work was used for evil, does that mean we discount the positives that derived from it?

For my mind this policy makes a great deal of sense. It really is no different to banning the use of mobile phones, and I also like the ban on throwing rubbish out of a car window. As someone who never does this I get really annoyed when I see other people doing it. Littering is laziness and it’s even worse in a car, where you can easily keep the trash (perhaps keep an empty carrier bag in the glove compartment?) until you find a dustbin. What I found funny was that only using an electric shaver was banned and so if, like me, you’re one of those guys who can wet-shave without water, you’re OK.

Funnier still was the reference to having “another person” on your lap…



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