Bite Sized News 2 : The sequel.

5 02 2008

Back in December I experimented with a bite-sized approach to news stories, inspired in large part by Andy at Political Friends. I could have interpreted the lack of comments as disinterest in the idea but clearly that could never be the case. This God amongst Bloggers has the Midas touch when it comes to content. No, clearly you were so in awe of the concept you couldn’t comment.

So it’s back, and where better to start than the news that after Jerome Kerviel’s now legendary antics, the Royal Bank of Scotland could now be facing a £12.5 billion gap in its finances. After the Northern Rock there was outrage by many people at how this could be allowed to happen but perhaps people should take a long hard look at themselves. Firstly, why do we labour under the misapprehension that money in the bank is safe? Have we forgotten that they lend our money, and thus we’re actually putting our money at risk? If you want a safe place to put money, buy gold.

Not only have we forgotten that the reason we put our money in banks is to earn a return on it (and people are constantly looking for higher rates of interest without considering the fact that in order to offer them, banks have to take greater risks with our money) but we’re quick to blame the greed of the banks here and not our own. Why is it that credit card debt is at all-time highs? Why are people taking out mortgages they can’t realistically afford? The buy-to-let craze created another get-rich-quick mentality, like tech stocks did in the 90s, and people jumped on the bandwagon with no research.

Am I the only one who’s getting sick and tired of hearing about Britney Spears? I’m particularly annoyed by the idea that her parents are taking such concern over her now, and yet clearly didn’t when she was growing up. Parents are more than happy to thrust their children into the celebrity limelight in order to make money and then blame other people for the consequences. For me the Spears scenario just highlights the problem of the cult of celebrity that’s infecting our society, where these people are idolised.

Speaking of celebrities in trouble it really is quite good to see Amy Winehouse taking care of her demons the right way. Regular readers will know that I’m not Amy’s biggest fan but nonetheless it is good to see someone who has so far been making excuses for her problems and covering them up, finally face up to them. Apparently she’s looking really healthy these days and despite my reservations over her talent I really do hope she can turn her life around. She’s taking responsibility for herself which is laudable.

Continuing our entertainment theme, why does Hollywood insist on making so many sequels? Not that I disliked the original, I had hoped that Night At The Museum 2 might have been one of those times when a sequel is mentioned but never actually made. Unfortunately not. Not only that but why is it nobody can ever come up with a creative title for a sequel? Although very much tongue-in-cheek that article did put forward the very feasible title of “Another Night At The Museum”. Are we worried that people (well, Americans, if we’re honest) are too stupid to figure out it’s a sequel?



3 responses

5 02 2008
Gorilla Bananas

There’s nothing wrong with Britney that couldn’t be put right by aversion therapy and a decent growth of hair on her twat.

5 02 2008
Mr President

Her twat haunts my nightmares. It really is quite hideous.

26 04 2008
Madge’s Propaganda and Celebs in Court « Textual Relations

[…] when you thought Amy Winehouse had finally gotten her life back on track, she goes and gets herself arrested. Regular readers know that Mr President isn’t her biggest […]

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