Power Trio?

1 02 2008

Power TrioAlthough I have not already discussed the American Presidential primaries, I don’t think it will surprise any of my regular readers to know I was backing Rudy Giuliani. Anyone who’s read the blog for a while will know what my views are on various issues and Giuliani’s views match mine pretty well.

Furthermore I also think that his experience as mayor is invaluable. I think it’s much more important to have had experience in an executive role, be it Mayor or Governor, than it is to have had experience in legislative positions, even the Senate. Personally I don’t think experience as a senator is as useful to a potential President as experience in an executive position. The Presidency is an executive role, not a legislative one.

Having said that, I’m not altogether disappointed that Rudy lost and has since dropped out and endorsed McCain. Firstly because McCain’s a great guy, a hero and a proper gent, a genuinely nice person, which is rare in the world of politics. He’s a man I’ve got a lot of admiration for and always had time for, so I’m glad that Rudy’s thrown his weight behind him. Of course it’s not really surprising, he was never really going to endorse any of the other candidates, he’d have been accused of back-tracking.

Secondly, and more importantly, McCain is the Republicans best hope of keeping the Democrats out of the White House. I don’t think individual policies are quite as key as ensuring neither Clinton or Obama is given the chance to destroy America with ridiculous policies. Clinton is so out of touch with what America needs and yet people are lapping it up because they’re stupid and are confusing what they want with what they need.

Extreme conservatism under Bush has made the American people so desperate for a change that they’re jumping to the opposite extreme when what America really needs is a decent right of centre government. History records right of centre governments as the most successful, particularly for America. McCain would not be another Bush, and I think that is what makes him attractive to voter in the centre and even left of centre.

Obama, meanwhile, aside from being stupid, is a populist, who will say whatever will get him elected rather than advocate a consistent policy. The problem with that is that once he’s elected you don’t really know which way he’s going to go. At the moment his policies aren’t terrible, certainly in comparison to Clinton’s, but they’re still not particularly good nor all that viable. My worry is that once elected he’ll begin to lean more leftwards, much in the same way as Bush shifted ever more rightwards.

Barrack is also inexperienced and I think a lack of experience would be a huge hindrance to a President. I don’t believe a President with his lack of experience would be taken seriously by other foreign leaders. It’s essential, thus, that the Republicans keep hold of the White House, not least of all because a Democrat Presidency coupled with a Democrat Congress would mean easy passage for ridiculous policies.

McCain is the realistic hope of doing that, he looks pretty much the only person capable of winning the election, from a Republican standpoint, and not only that but he’s actually got a really good chance if, as looks likely, Clinton secures the Democrat nomination. There’ll be a big backlash from Obama’s supporters, particularly the moderates and independents who support his candidacy, who I think will not favour Clinton, and I think McCain can get those votes. The issue will be whether McCain, assuming he wins the nomination, can galvanise support from his own party. His challenge will be getting the evangelicals and extreme right wing conservatives on board. This won’t be easy.

Were he to secure the nomination he could do worse than choosing a conservative running mate. Bringing in someone who will only be supported by the same people who would support McCain anyway would be a waste, in my view, even though in an ideal world I’d prefer the Republican party be lead by moderates not conservatives.

Unfortunately just as Bush needed McCain’s voters to swing in behind him in 2000, McCain will need support from Romney and Huckerbee voters. If he can do that I think he can keep Clinton out. What goes in his favour is that the extreme right will certainly not want to see Clinton in power and to that end McCain becomes the lesser of two evils. I’m certain McCain can secure the middle ground, the moderates, independents and libertarians. That to me is where elections are won and lost, not at the extremes.

Where it once looked so certain to be a Democrat Presidency I think the Republicans are in a good position to stay in power for at least another four years. Thank God for that.



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1 02 2008
jayne d'Arcy

I really hope this election isn’t going to come down to a matter of “the lesser of two evils”. Personally, I’d rather see Obama on the democratic ballot than Clinton. I dislike her and I think she’d damage the US in ways Obama wouldn’t be able to think of. I had hoped to vote for Giuliani, but it looks like I’ll be voting for McCain.

1 02 2008
Mr President

I’d prefer Obama to Clinton too. Even though I think she’d be easier to beat, the risk of her being President is too big to take. As for the “lesser of two evils” I meant that more for the evangelical right wing for whom people like Giuliani and McCain are somehow “un-Republican”.

Personally I think both are the sort of moderate Republican that not only represents the way most Americans think but also the right sort of government for America (for most countries, in fact).

If a Democrat has to win I’d certainly prefer Obama but my concern with him is that even if his own agenda might not be as damaging to the US as Clinton’s, he’ll be forced to push something akin to hers by the mere fact that the Democrats hold Congress.

There’ll be those that say that unless he enshrines “core” Democrat values while he has the chance they risk them being undone by later Republican governments. Extreme changes are harder to overhaul so he’ll be expected to go to the far left with his policies.

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